Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simone Campbell - a woman of hilarity and equality

It's always a delight to be blessed with the gift of the ability of making people laugh - not only does Simone Campbell have that talent, but she is an incredibly socially conscious individual. The hilariously witty and charismatic comedian from San Francisco chats to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew about her career, how she gets her friends to buy tickets to her gigs and some sound advice on conversation starters......or enders.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oprah & Gail on The Hump Day Crew

Melbourne's improvisation does it again. Following their hilarious rendition of Jacob and Edward's mock love affair from Twilight, this time, the ladies get some loving with Oprah Winfrey and Gail declaring their love on The Hump Day Crew. Victoria Healy and new Impro Melbourne rookie Katherine give a hilarious impersonation.

Click here to listen

Impro Melbourne celebrate 25 years of Theatresports across their season - visit for more details.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Laurel Holloman - an artistic all rounder

We all experienced her extensive character growth of the trials and tribulations of the loveable Tina on The L Word - but just when we taught that Laurel Holloman couldn't be more talented - it seems she is quite an exceptional painter.
With a BA from the University of North Carolina, Laurel's painting talents took a backseat when her acting talents were discovered in the theatre production of "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter."
Recently, Laurel took a solid 4 months of acting to put all her focus into painting - which produced some amazing paintings which are available for purchase on her webiste -
Managing 2 kids and a heavy schedule, Laurel generously gave up her time to stop by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni - download podcast here.
Stay tuned to The Hump Day Crew Facebook Group and Twitter for more L Word cast member interview updates.

The Luscious Lady Lick - Natalie Zibung

Lick Melbourne is becoming quite the Luscious Ladies night that is luring girls from all across Australia - so much so, that Lick Melbourne is moving up to a Sydney and Brisbane event.

With it's eclectic music style - this club night combines both the genres us lesbians seem to love - RnB/Hip Hop with Electro House. On top of it's stellar DJ line up, the night includes competitions, giveaway, catwalks and the sizzling Lick Dance crew - chereographed by season 1 finalist of SYTYCD - Demi Sorono.

Leading lady and planner , Natalie Zibung, stops by The Hump Day Crew and reveals, exclusively the date of the next party plus some exciting upcoming projects outside the club scene that are coming up - download podcast here.

Co Hosting with Ginni for that entire show, we were revealed some interesting facts about Natalie - like who would she turn straight for and the shameful ringtone she has on her phone - download their chat here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sensational Varla Jean Merman

I have HAD MY FILL OF THE BIG TOP so would somebody RING MY BELL before I start to ACT INSANE and DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF CHEESE and what it would be like IF I ONLY HAD A SNATCH.
I want to warn you, this interview could be THE PERFORMANCE OF MY LIFE. I promise you it will be far more impressive than last week when you caught me FACE DOWN, ARSE UP in CHICAGO showing that GIRL WITH THE PEARL NECKLACE how my SINGING WEINER could do an ODE TO ENYA. That certainly led to LOVE ON THE ROCKS when I got home that night. I was as bad as the GYPSYS, TRAMPS AND THIEVES
Forgive me...I am digressing like a fresh model in stilettos on PROJECT RUNWAY...Allow me to introduce our next guest...
Hotter than a DISCO INFERNO but cuter than a WHITE RABBIT...let’s not TALK TOTHE GENITALS but use your HANDS and REACH OUT AND TOUCH...not UGLY BETTY but Varla Jean Merman.

Where will you find Varla Jean Merman? On stage, on television, on iTunes, on YouTube and in Kylie's closet helping herself to a Kylie outfit or two. Adz chats with Varla about her fun and serious sides as she "gets around" North America.
Click here for the interview.

Here's Varla in action:

Check out more at

HDC Global Community - Clarence Tay - Singapore

Gay life in Singapore has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, but with set backs too, such as the banning of the "Nation" events in this fairly tightly controlled nation. The HDC talk to Clarence Tay of Singapore to find out more.

Click here for the interview.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HDC Global Community - Heimir Már Pétursson from Iceland

Iceland is rocking the world with more ways than just a volcano. The country with a population of about 320,000 and a total area of 103,000 km2 has an average temperature of 13 degrees in summery July but boasts some of the most beautiful scenery and apparently beautiful men too. The HDC talk to Heimir Már Pétursson, Executive Director of Reykjavik Gay Pride about the first country to ever have an openly gay Head of State and it's other progressive ways.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Find out about Reykjavik Gay Pride at

California Gays Music Video To Katy Perry California Gurls Parody

Nothing conquers Hump Day Winter Blues like a bit of gay California sun. We thought this camp bit of fun may brighten your day:

In fact the Hump Day Crew loved it some much we stalked the creator Ryan James Yezak to talk about the video and the trouble he is having with YouTube. Click here to listen to the interview.

Check out more of his work check out

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Queen Miss Left Titter solves a stinking problem

Miss Queen Left Titter has discovered a sewerage treatment technique from Germany and thinks there may be some other uses. Click here to listen to the chat with the Hump Day Crew.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Australia's No.1 DJ is tyDi

Adz and Bish go to extraordinary lengths to chat to the DJ rated as No. 1 in Australia. Click here to see how it goes.

Visit for the latest news.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We hate to FLAUNT IT but we chatted with TV Rock's Grant Smilie

A: Alright Hump Day Crew I think we should CRANK the volume up for this next interview to the point where the SPEAKERS GONNA BLOW.
B: What happens if you blow THE POWER again?
A: Honestly guys I don’t want to FLAUNT IT but compared to THE OTHERS we have had on the show, these WILD BOYS are beyond REACH....they are UNSTOPPABLE.
B: It’s BEEN A LONG TIME but I think Adz has been eating THE FRUIT from the BIMBO NATION again
A: TELL ME WHY then on this NEW DAY although it AIN’T EASY...HIP HOUSE IS BACK and LIFTIN ME UP?
B: RELEASE ME from this nonsense. Who have you got on the show?
A: Joining us right now from TV Rock...Good Morning Grant Smilie.

TV Rock slammed onto the Australia airwaves 4 years ago with their smash hit "Flaunt It" featuring Seany B. which reached #1 for 5 weeks and spent 39 weeks in the Australian ARIA Top 50 (31 of those weeks inside the Top 40). TV Rock won the highest selling single and best dance release for "Flaunt It" in the ARIA Music Awards of 2006. TV Rock collaborated with Melbourne dance team Dukes of Windsor for their 3rd single release "The Others" which reached No.10 in Australia in June 2007 and spent 20 weeks inside the Australian Top 50.

TV Rock is made up of the in demand Grant Smilie and Ivan Gough.

As they prepare the head to Europe for the summer, TV Rock will be appearing on the main stage at Creamfields on 8th May at Melbourne Racecourse.

Click here to listen to the interview with the HDC.

For the latest news, please check out

Your Fantasies Come True with Michael Lucas

King of the Porn Industry Michael Lucas grew up as a gay Jewish Boy in Soviet Russia. From challenging beginnings he has now stamped his name on the Adult Film Industry. However he is more than a porn star. He is passionate about safe sex and gay marriage, arguing that the majority have no right to decide what a minority can do.

You can join Michael Lucas as he tours Israel in May. Find out about the tour and much more at

Click here to listen to his full interview with Adz.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The HDC Crew love to watch dance, try to dance; if they could smell and eat dance...they would give it a good go! So there is much excitment on the morning of Channel 10's Finale of So You Think You Can Dance Season 3.

The Top 4 have had to shine in Salsa, Broadway, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Rumba, Bollywood and Waltz and tonight will be a celebration of these styles as they dance one last time, as well as being re-joined by the Top 20.

The HDC were joined by Melbourne's own dancer Ivy and judge Jason Coleman.

Click here to listen to the interview with Jason Coleman.

Click here to listen to the interview with Ivy.

Adz is a fan of when all the guys dance together. Check out his favourite:

Visit for the latest news.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Shahi - Still Spinning the stunning Spindle.....

Though she left The L Word at the end of Season 3, the memory of the character of Carmen De La Pica Morales is still seared deeply into our memories. Sarah Shahi is the fifth actress to be interviewed from Shotime's hit series, The L Word, following Jennifer Beals, Marlee Matlin, Elizabeth Keener and Janina Gavankar.

Two seasons on The L Word as Shane's sassy and sexy DJ fiance saw Sarah Shahi cement herself her own lesbian cult following.

And perhaps one of the main reasons why it is hard to shake the thought of Shahi is because of the clip below; taken from season 3 of The L Word.

Still Remember This?

Since leaving The L Word, Shahi continued working on television series, including her role as Dani from Channel 10's Life, where she was the female lead. However, 2009 saw her take on two of the biggest roles in her life - off screen. Marrying long time boyfriend, actor Steve Howey, Shahi gave birth to her beautiful son, William Wolf (pictured below) early last year.

She chats to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew about her role as Carmen on The L Word, life after the show, how motherhood has changed her and also find out what she can't do as she takes on The Hump Day Crew's 101 questions! Download Podcast Here.

Keep track of our L Word interviews by following us on Twitter and joining our Facebook Group.

Melbourne, The Musical creator Mitch Moffit

It all began with an audition video for the Best Job in the World on a Queensland island but lead to a Melbourne YouTube favourite called Melbourne The Musical. The clip is a Glee styled musical clip features some of Melbourne's best hot spots and iconic landmarks as well as a bit of local Melbourne talent.

The star however is Canadian student Mitch Moffit who is leads the singing 'n dancing troupe around Melbourne. Look out Zac've got some competition!

Click here to listen to Mitch take some time out to chat with the Hump Day Crew.

Here's the video:

Here's the video that started it all:

To find out more, check out

Wellington to host the 2011 Asia Pacific Outgames

Wellington is gearing up to host the 2011 Asia Pacific Outgames. With 16 sports announced to date, some of the parties, and a number of arts and cultural activities it's going to be an exciting event.

International interest in the event is building. “Over 25 swimmers from the Sydney club, Wett Ones, have already indicated their interest,” says Outgames Co-chair Virginia Hopkins-Burns. “With partners, friends and supporters, that’s likely to mean 40 or 50 people will come to the Outgames just from that one club alone.”

Further afield, a group from the Philippines is planning to come and has already established its own Facebook page. (See the Wellington Outgames Facebook page for details.) Outgames organisers are also in touch with groups in other Asian countries including Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Registrations will open on 12th June, 2010 via the official website

Click here to listen to the HDC chat with Wellington Outgames.

Gay Games and Outgames agree to a single world event

Instead of having two competing global sporting events - the Gay Games and the Outgames - from 2018 there will just be one world event every four years.

The organisers of the 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames being held in Wellington next year are delighted by the move. “It makes sense to have just one world event,” says David Hindley, co-chair of the upcoming Outgames. “And both organisations have committed to supporting the AsiaPacific Outgames next year.”

The agreement comes after a meeting of the Co-Presidents of the Federation of Gay Games and the Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (which organises the Outgames) on 5 March in Manchester, UK. A joint working group will be set up to continue the discussions required to carry out the intended goal of one quadrennial world event in 2018.

Males in Make-up

Male makeup has a long history, starting with the Egyptians, whose men applied thick eyeliner to ward off the "evil eye." Roman men used chalk-based foundation to brighten their complexions, and, in the 18th century, Louis XV and his court made it vogue for men to put on gobs of toxic lead-based makeup and rouge.

Does it still have a place today? Adz loves a guy with make-up and Bish is undecided but wants them to do a better job than his sister.

Shaun Pritchard, founder of Androgyny Cosmetics joins the Hump Day Crew to share his perspective. Click here to listen to the interview.

Please visit for more information

Don't fall asleep on Joel Creasey

Perth's Joel Creasey is proof that Adz is not the only hilarious one to come out of the state. At only 19, he is quickly cutting a swathe through the Australian stand up comedy circuit with his fast-paced wit and fresh ideas. Starting out on the scene at only 17, Joel has emceed and headlined at all Perth comedy venues and toured Sydney and Melbourne.

He has performed at multiple special events including Laugh Out Proud (Pride Comedy Gala) 2009, White Folks Like You and Me (Xavier Susai) and Perth Fashion Festival. He has also supported Claire Hooper, Reginald Hunter, Jeff Green, Courtney Act, Julia Wilson, Greg Fleet, Justin Hamilton, Sam Simmons and Dave Callan.

He is now in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his show "Slumber Party".

Click here to hear Joel Creasey drop in on the sleepy HDC.

For tickets to his show, please visit

For the latest news, visit

HDC Global Community - Marcos S. Prado - Rio

Is it the sunny weather, the gorgeous people, the healthy lifestyle, the fierce clubs and parties, Carnival, the scenery, the beach, the baths? Or all of the above? Rio is a great place to visit with an estimated 25% of the tourists that head to Rio from abroad are supposedly gay.

Click here to listen as the HDC cross to Rio to discuss gay Rio with resident Marcos S. Prado.

Find out more at and

HDC Global Community - Bertho Makso tells why Lebanon is the place to be in 2010

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon with a population of over 2 million inhabitants. It's a cultural melting pot mixing traditions of European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern groups and is tipped as an up and coming Gay Tourism Hot Spot.

The Lebanese LGBT community and IGLTA represented by Bertho Makso, the Ambassador of the IGLTA for Lebanon and the Arab World, are glad to invite you to attend the 2010 IGLTA's Symposium, which will be held from October 13th through the 18th in Beirut, Lebanon.

The event offers a unique opportunity for you to get to know Beirut, one of the hottest tourism spots in the Middle East.

During this Symposium we will take the opportunity to introduce you to the diverse LGBT Arabian communities and we will be having among us representatives from around the region.

Click here to listen the the Hump Day Crew's interview with Bertho Makso.

Further information and booking, please contact or visit

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HDC Global Community - Danny Chien of Taiwan

Taiwan is doesn't always come to mind as a travel destination, especially for the gay traveller. However it seems that Taiwan is a lot more accepting than the mainland China. Gay events fill the annual calender and many gay travellers from other Asian countries will head there to bask in the freedom and good times.

Click here to listen to the interview with Danny Chien as he talks about gay life in Taiwan, attractions for tourists and the risk of losing their culture to Western trends.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jennifer Beals - "Garlic Bread is more appealing than Immortality"

If there was a Hump Day Crew Hitlist of celebrities most wanted to interview, it is without a doubt that Jennifer Beals would make the Top 10. And it's not just because she is still one of the sexiest women alive at the age of 46 and mother of one. With a career spanning over 50 individual films, Melbourne's JOY 94.9 love her from her role as Bette Porter on The L Word.

With the ground-breaking Shotime series wrapping up on our screens early last year, Beals has constructed a photographic journal at which features scripts, memos and 400 unseen photos to encaptulate her experiences on the show. Reminsicing on her experiences on and off the screen, Beals tells Ginni and Adz from The Hump Day Crew about her experiences leading up to Laurel Holloman giving birth, which is also featured in the journal. Proceeds from the purchases of Beals' L Word Book will be donated to three charities - the Matthew Shepard Foundation, The Pablove Foundation and fellow cast member Mia Kirshner's I Live Here Projects.

She chats to The Hump Day Crew about her time on The L Word, her upcoming projects for 2010 and answers the age old question......"Would you consider being a vampire?" Download her podcast here.

Stay tuned to The Hump Day Crew on Twitter and Facebook to catch the date of Sarah Shahi's (Carmen from The L Word) guest appearance on the show.

Peter Smith: The Journey and Fascination of our Souls

One of the most fascinating and profound content lies in some of the things we cannot answer or bring ourselves to grasp in our conscious state of mind. With humanity moving more and more away from Institutionalised religion, there is a deep yearning for answers that explore the core and immortal essence of our soul and existence.

Life between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL), is a new form of therapy which explores what happens "in between," lifetimes. There are many names given to this state before a soul is reincarnated or brought down to Earth again, but Dr Michael Newton was the first to ever explore this type of spiritual regression. Having studied over 7000 cases, Newton constructed the not for profit organisation called The Newton Institute and became the first to map what happens to souls in between life times.

The Institute has therapists in over 20 countries worldwide as the study that Newton has began has been so captivating and embraced that the speed of it's spreading was not surprising. There are four members on the board of The Newton Institute which carry on Newton's work after his retirement. With the majority being based in North American, Melbourne is lucky to have Peter Smith based right here.

From a background as a corporate executive in Sydney, Smith discovered hypnotherapy through his local doctor and came across Newton's book, "Journey Of Souls," in a random encounter at Borders.

Smith stops by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni and Bish in what is a truly fascinating and informative discussion on past life regressions, soulmates, LBL hypnotherapy, and how the soul journeys through its lifetimes mating with other souls and choosing to leave when it does.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ian Harvie - The World's ONLY FTM Trans Stand Up Comic

Ian Harvie has a very special claim to fame. He is the only Female-to-male transgender individual making a living as a stand up comic. The American got his big break when he teamed up with fellow comedian Margaret Cho, who took him under her wing as her support act for 3 years. Now he is standing in his own spotlight with plenty of transgender content to share with his audience. Ian is back in Melbourne for the second time for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his show "Parts Sold Seperately". He joined the HDC in the studio on the morning of his opening night.

Click here to listen to their chat.

Please visit for the latest news and shows.

This girl is NOT an International Student.....

Above is the face of The Hump Day Crew's Ginni's grade prep version. Though there may have been signs in the six year old face of Ginni of the potential to be mistaken for an international student....she is not. She supports multi-culturalism and the right to study wherever is most suitable to obtain an education that is relevant to one's desired field.

Twice this year already, Ginni has been handed pamplets at Flinders St Station, assumed to be a student. She confides in Bish - who comes up with a theory to potentially evade being mistaken for a student.

Click here for his tips.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twilight Drama: Edward dumps Bella for Jacob

Twilight is one of the biggest movie franchises of recent years. It's also one of Adz's biggest fantasies for the Twilight boys to hook up so we set Impro Melbourne a improvise the scene of Edward dumping Bella for Jacob.

Click here for hilarious results (forgive the HDC sniggling in the background).

As part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival you can check out Late Night Impro with Impro Melbourne.
Venue: The Bosco, City Square (Cnr Swanston & Collins Sts)
Dates: 26th, 27th March, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th April (Friday & Saturday nights ONLY)
Tickets: $18.00 full, $15.00 groups 10+
Times: 11:00pm
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 or

Find out more about Impro Melbourne at

HDC Global Community - Carles Bernardes Amado talks about Rio Carnival

It ain't gay...but it so is! Rio's Carnival is on this weekend. The HDC cross to Rio to find out how preparations are coming along. Click here to listen as we cross to Rio

The Influential Julie McCrossin

Although Julie McCrossin left the ABC 3 years ago she is still very active wearing many hats. However no matter what she is doing she is always representing the GLBTI community in a positive light. Her work led to her making 's Top 25 Most Influential GLBTI's for 2009.

Click here to listen to her chat with the HDC.

You can keep up to date with Julie McCrossin at

Stefanie Imbruglia Influences Transgender Law in Australia

Stefanie was looking forward to her Rite of Passage. Going to get her female passport before heading to Thailand for her operation. However sudden legislation changes made by the Howard Government made the process difficult and dangerous. Stefanie took on the Government and won.

Click here to listen to her story.

Find out more at

Lisa Daniel Influences the Gay Movies in Melbourne

Lisa Daniel has been the Melbourne Queer Film Festival Director for the last 12 years. Running one of the world's large queer film festivals isn't an easy task but has earned her a place in 's Most Influential 25 GLBT Individuals of 2009 list. Lisa talks to the HDC about her role, the Festival and how many movies she has to watch.

Click here to listen.

Check out the Melbourne Queer Film Festival website at

Anthony Venn-Brown & Freedom 2 b[e]

People who are same-sex orientated often feel pressure to reject or deny their true feelings. Some people have gone to extremes of exorcisms, "ex-gay" programs or marrying to "solve" the problem. Freedom 2 b[e] is celebrating people who are now celebrating their sexuality post their ex-gay times.

Click here to listen to Anthony Venn-Brown talk to the HDC about Freedom 2 b[e].

For more information, please visit

Charlotte Dawson - Australia's Next Top Model

Nothing makes the beautiful turn bitchy like a modelling competition and in Australia, that equals Australia's Nect Top Model.

The Hump Day Crew chat to Charlotte Dawson about what to expect in 2010. Click here to listen.

Aaron Neich - A Gay Influential Australian

When Aaron Neich auditioned to be a cheerleader for the Penrith Panthers few people expected him to make the cut – not even himself. But he showed Australia that there's more than one place for men on the football field. The media attention generated has made him a role model for young gay guys, although Aaron is still getting used to it. It also earned him a place in 's Top 25 Most Influential GLBT Individuals for 2009.

Click here to listen to his chat with the HDC.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zoe Badwi - painting the town pink for a second time

Zoe Badwi is one of The Hump Day Crew's favourite local gals. Her energy and vocals leave you succumbing to her dancefloor and suppressing the urge to "Raise Your Hands." Due to her rocking out 300 girls at last year's March Pinkalicious party (see photo left) Zoe Badwi is back to perform at the upcoming March 20 Party at The Rydges Hotel, Melbourne, only this time, it's twice the venue size and twice the number of girls! With DJ's Ish and Mike Evans set to spin uplifting vocal house from 9pm - if Badwi's last performance was any kind of indication of what the reception would be like, this one will be set to sizzle!
Australia's first exclusively female party is set to top it's amazing first birthday bash which featured the queen of house music, Inaya Day.

However, Zoe's talents also stem outside the singing arena; in matchmaking. Her facebook page saw her posting a picture of her friend saying: "can you believe this girl is still single?" Naturally, that was a rhetorical question! So to celebrate Zoe's return to Pinkalicious and her apparent "pimping" - The Hump Day Crew will set her a task they'd like to call "PIMPALICIOUS."

Pictured below is one of Bish's mates, James whom Zoe actively tried to "pimp" out on today's show.

Click here to hear the laughs from this morning.

Catch Zoe Badwi at Pinkalicious - Saturday March 20 from 9pm.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

John Ellis - Purrfectly Delightful!

It's been hailed as the greatest musical in the world and it's back, right here in Melbourne for a strictly limited season. Andrew Lloyd Webber's stunning score in Cats the musical had the puurrfect addition to it with it's multi talented cast. One of them, BAPA graduate - John Ellis aka Old Deutronomy. Ellis has worked extensively in musical theatre all over the world, from London to Cyprus, Melbourne to NY, and of course the UK. His Melbourne credits include The Wizard of Oz, Sondheim's and Cancerto to name a few.

After being based in London for the past 6 years, Ellis returns to his home state with a bang landing this role in Cats. He strays towards The Hump Day Crew who test just how Cat like he is - Click here to listen to their antics.

Cats is playing NOW at The Regent Theatre until April 4 - 191 Collins St, Melbourne.

Click here for tickets.

Managing The Stress Of Life

Article Courtesy of Chris Gregoriou - Metro Body Fitness

We live in a fast-paced world, forever changing, with information and media
thrust upon us as an ever increasing rate, its no wonder most peoples
stress levels are very high.
Stress is the emotional and physical strain you feel and is
brought on by pressure or changes around you
Its not always the unpleasant events that can cause stress, such as loosing a
job, or breaking up with a partner, but nice changes can also cause
stress, such as dating, a promotion or moving to a new place.

Top rated stress’s:
1) Death
2) Relationship
3) Job
4) Financial
5) Health
6) Sex

Are some people are more vulnerable to stress than others?
Your personality type plays a role in how you react to stress. People that are impatient,
drive themselves hard and fly off the handle easily (sometimes called Type A personalities)
may be more at risk for stress-related physical problems.

What are some signs of stress?
People react to stress in different ways. Once you identify your own signs of stress, they
can serve as your personal early warning system. Think of yourself as a car that's equipped with lights and gauges to warn you if any problems are developing. If you keep an eye on the gauges and catch the trouble early, the problem may be easy to fix. If you ignore the warning signs, you may be in for a major repair job.

You should assess yourself for four types of stress signs:
• Changes in body functions and physical health
• Changes in emotions and feelings
• Changes in behavior
• Changes in thoughts

The mental symptoms of stress include tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, feeling
excessively tired, and having trouble sleeping. The physical symptoms of stress include dry mouth, a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, stomach upset, frequent urination, sweating palms, and tense muscles that may cause pain and trembling.

Why we gain weight when stressed:
Stress creates an increase in the hormone cortisol, and chronic stress creates a chronic increase in cortisol. This is a problem because it slows your metabolism, leads to cravings and is linked to greater levels of abdominal fat storage. The vicious cycle of stress and weight gain goes around and around. Stress causes you to eat emotionally, and your raised cortisol levels cause that
food to be stored as fat.

Some tips that will help you feel calm, more peaceful, and maybe even ...stress-free.
1. Stop and "do nothing." (Give yourself a chance to calm down!)
2. Take a deep breath.
3. Exercise!
4. Make sure you're eating healthy.
5. Meditate, do yoga or perform another relaxation ritual like prayer or
6. Lie down and rest for a few minutes (it's refreshing!).
7. Stretching! (Simple stretching can really do wonders.)
8. Get enough sleep.

The Hump Day Crew's PT Chris, continues his tips on the show as he assess Adz, Ginni and Bish's stress levels - click here to listen to the podcast.

For more information - visit Metro Body Fitness

Counting Down To Club Skirt's - The Dinah

The countdown is ON to the biggest lesbian party in the world! Club Skirt's The Dinah is just a matter of days away as the ladies of the world wait with eager anticpation to experience the sheer entertainment CEO Mariah Hanson has up her sleeve. As usual, Hanson has further cemented The Dinah's 20th birthday bash with headlining acts set to blow your socks off! Headling The Dinah from March 31 is singing sensation Ke$ha, classics Salt N Pepa, and the comeback comedian herself - Rosie O'Donnell. Hanson has also taken a philanthropic angle with this party, making it a personal priority to ensure that the recent Proposition 8 law passed in Los Angeles depriving the LGBTIQ community of their rights was not overlooked. Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley (featured on The Hump Day Crew last year) will appear at the NOH8 pool party to photograph as apart of the NOH8 campaign.

Hanson's incredible ability to predict future trends and talent is a reflection of the direction of where she has taken the lesbian community. Before announcing Ke$ha as the headline act for The Dinah - Hanson announced in her previous chat with The Hump Day Crew that she predicted this act was going to be huge. Funnily enough, in just a few short weeks, Ke$ha hit no.1 in the US and on our Australia shores and became the most downloaded artist in a single week ARIA chart history. It has been set that usually the male part of the gay community is the one that sets the trends; but it seems Hanson is putting a dent in that theory!

See Lady Gaga perform at The Dinah in 2009

And - Lady Gaga then kicked off her stardom to a massive 2009! If there's one thing for certain Australia - Mariah Hanson can teach us a thing or two about how to party! Catch her catch with Ginni and Adz from The Hump Day Crew - click here

Don't forget to book your ticket to the 20th anniversary celebration of Club Skirts - The Dinah!

Rick Egusquiza - Hollywood's Gossip Guru

The Hump Day Crew love to hear the latest gossip surrounding Hollywood Stars - especially now given the recent bust ups between Twlight Star Taylor Lautner and singer Taylor Swift along with Pussycat Dolls leading lady Nicole Scherzinger calling it quits with Racing Car man Lewis Hamilton; Adz and Ginni are on a personal mission to turn these stars with even a sniff of hope is enough to keep these two keen! So they have turned to someone a little closer to Nicole and Taylor.

Enter The National Enquirer man - Rick Egusquiza; a down to earth, easy to talk kind of guy who was the first to break the John Edward' extramarital affair to the world - ten months before the mainstream media jumped on the bandwagon. Egusquiza's inviting nature makes it close to impossible not to confide in him and his "Famous People's Oops" portfolio is one that many a tabloid would envy.

Some of the stories Egusquiza has been responsible for breaking are:
  • Ellen and Portia's first hook up
  • The Britney Speares breakdown
  • The Ben Affleck Stripper Scandal (at the time he was dating J-L0)
Stemming from an interesting employment background from running a clothing store in the LA Latino community, bartending in Venice Beach; Egusquiza's journalism debut as a writer was actually for a porn site! However, it was not long before the No.1 Tabloid magazine in America and is now the senior reporter with his best work still to come!

Rick stops by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni and Adz - click here to listen.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saving $$$ Can Make Your Partner Melt

Febusave is the official new name for the second month of a calendar year! Joy Sponsor Make Your Partner Melt has not only revolutionised the idea of romance with it's seduction massages, innovative ideas that still keep the flame burning brightly and $30 date nights that they are now even making saving money sound sexy! Emma Merkas (Featured Columnist in Friday's MX) and husband Dennis Merkas are bringing sexy back but still keeping romance as their currency. Jumping on board with ANZ Bank's initiative of giving up sacrificing something in order to save - Make Your Partner Melt is a blog embassador that provides tips to save money when it comes to dating.
Listen to their tips here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BANNED: PETA's Superbowl Advert. Do you think it's too raunchy?

On Adz's favourite segment "All Natural" on Wednesday 10th February the HDC are talking with Ashley Fruno about Vegetarianism.They will be chatting about this advert that was banned in the USA.

Do you think it's inappropriate?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The DJs of Sensation - Full Interviews - Kaz James, Sied van Riel, Richard Durand & Joop

You have heard the high-lights of the HDC interviews with the DJs of Sensation NYE 2009. Now you can downlaod the full interviews by clicking on their names below.

Kaz James

Sied van Riel

Richard Durand


LOTL - Celebrating 20 years of the community

It's quite a milestone when you see your community's main publication reach a life span of 20 years! LOTL is the magazine all of us girls look for the most relevant and up to date information on the stories, personalities and facts that influence our lesbian community.

The Hump Day Crew chat to Amanda Keeling from LOTL about their exhibition at Hares and Hyenna's bookstore as well as their silent auction which allows the purchase of limited edition LOTL covers such as K.D Lang (pictured left), Ellen DeGeneres and Pink. Download podcast here