Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oprah & Gail on The Hump Day Crew

Melbourne's improvisation does it again. Following their hilarious rendition of Jacob and Edward's mock love affair from Twilight, this time, the ladies get some loving with Oprah Winfrey and Gail declaring their love on The Hump Day Crew. Victoria Healy and new Impro Melbourne rookie Katherine give a hilarious impersonation.

Click here to listen

Impro Melbourne celebrate 25 years of Theatresports across their season - visit for more details.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Laurel Holloman - an artistic all rounder

We all experienced her extensive character growth of the trials and tribulations of the loveable Tina on The L Word - but just when we taught that Laurel Holloman couldn't be more talented - it seems she is quite an exceptional painter.
With a BA from the University of North Carolina, Laurel's painting talents took a backseat when her acting talents were discovered in the theatre production of "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter."
Recently, Laurel took a solid 4 months of acting to put all her focus into painting - which produced some amazing paintings which are available for purchase on her webiste -
Managing 2 kids and a heavy schedule, Laurel generously gave up her time to stop by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni - download podcast here.
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The Luscious Lady Lick - Natalie Zibung

Lick Melbourne is becoming quite the Luscious Ladies night that is luring girls from all across Australia - so much so, that Lick Melbourne is moving up to a Sydney and Brisbane event.

With it's eclectic music style - this club night combines both the genres us lesbians seem to love - RnB/Hip Hop with Electro House. On top of it's stellar DJ line up, the night includes competitions, giveaway, catwalks and the sizzling Lick Dance crew - chereographed by season 1 finalist of SYTYCD - Demi Sorono.

Leading lady and planner , Natalie Zibung, stops by The Hump Day Crew and reveals, exclusively the date of the next party plus some exciting upcoming projects outside the club scene that are coming up - download podcast here.

Co Hosting with Ginni for that entire show, we were revealed some interesting facts about Natalie - like who would she turn straight for and the shameful ringtone she has on her phone - download their chat here.