Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jessica Mauboy - Burning Up The Charts

Since becoming runner up on Australian Idol in 2006 - Jessica Mauboy's career has definately blossomed to be one of a winners. She has overtaken Lady Gaga's reign of the ARIA single chart with her latest single, "Burn," sizzling away at number 1.

Her new album, Been Waiting sees Mauboy teaming up with the likes of international superstars like Flo Rida for the first single off the album, "Running Back."

Ginni and Jess - Running Back to the studio.

.....don't know what's going on here.

She chats to Ginni about her new album, new look, being mistaken for Sri Lankan and her number 1 single, "Burn."

Click here to listen to their chat.

We tested Jessica on how well she knew the tracklisting of her new album - Been Waiting. Find out how she went by clicking here.

Exclusive to JOY 94.9 is a live version of Jessica Mauboy's single, "Burn," performed at the JOY Studios. She is amazing live. Click here for a preview.

A Stripper for Ernie of Sesame Street's Birthday

Today (28th January) is Ernie of Sesame Street's birthday.

To celebrate, Mike Bryant from Impro Melbourne joins The Hump Day Crew in celebrating Ernie's Birthday.

Click here to listen.

Tom Ballard - Live N Local

Meet Tom Ballard.

He is gay.

He is 19.

He has also just come out.

His debut solo show, "Is What He Is," is a hilarious hour of personal storytelling that will make you laugh, think, squirm and come to love your fellow human....but not in a gay way.

Tom chats to The Hump Day Crew about being a comedian, a weekend radio presenter, coming out and making his debut performance.

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Catch him at Amigo's Mexican Restaurant on Thursday Jan 29th and Friday Feb 6th.

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"A deft performer with subtle, thoughtful material, Tom Ballard is one of the funniest people I've seen in a long, long time." - Alan Brough, Spicks and Specks

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rockin' with NOMADS

The Nomads is an outdoor and social group, gay or gay friendly, which provides an opportunity for people to take part in or lead a range of outdoor activities. Having bein gin operation for over 20 years, The Nomads take part in a wide range of activities from bushwalking, base camping, bike rides, skiing, conoeing, kayaking to social activities such a movie nights, dining and beach side bbq's. All activities are organised by volunteer leaders who are members of the group.

Team leader, Doug from The NOMADS gave Ginni from The Hump Day Crew a preview of what an outting with be like. The two of them head out to Hardrock Climbing centre in the city for some climbing.

During Midsumma, The Nomads will be holidng two nights of Rockclimbing on Jan 21 and Feb 4 at Hardrock Climbing Centre in the CBD.

Click here for booking details.

For more information on The Nomads social group - click here

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Bert and J.R. are San Francisco faggots. Their beauty transcends any considerations of age, race, body type or traditional ‘good looks’. Their eyes are alive and their voices are relaxed. They have facial hair, often in the fanciful styles of the Old West. They communicate through high-tech devices, yet never actually meet. They share sex, love, everyday life and ultimately death. Jerker is their story.

Told through the staging of 20 phone and internet conversations, Jerker is set on and around a double bed where two strangers exist in their own worlds. The two gay men never acknowledge each other face to face, although the actor’s occupy the same space, communicating only through technology. Across the play, the characters form an intensely dependent relationship with shared experiences of sex, death, love and everyday life. By sharing a bed and yet never directly consummating their feelings, Jerker offers high homoerotic tensions. Considering current HIV infection rates are matching the mid-80s and the production’s strong and considered approach to this subject, Jerker, written in 1985, is an essential play for a new generation.

The Melbourne Production of Jerker is showing at Gasworks during Midsumma. For more information, please visit http://www.gasworks.org.au/

The Boys from Jerker came in for a chat and a game of strip quiz.

Click here to listen to how it went.

See below to see how it ended up.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Queen Miss Left Titter talks New Year's Resolutions broken already

Queen Left Miss Titter, The Hump Day Crew's Regular Guest Drag Queen Puppet chats to the crew about New Year's Resolution broken.....a week into 2009.

Click here to listen to their chat.

You can check out her weekly webesodes each Thursday on http://au.youtube.com/thetroymurphyshow and visit her website at http://www.qmlt.com.au/

Circus Of Screams

Luna Park turns 96 and to celebrate it's anniversary, the amusement park has decided to take a scarier route with it's newest scare attraction - Circus Of Screams.

In true circus style, a ringleader takes you through this 3D interactive modern day house of horrors where you are met with amazing lighting, special effects and live performers randomly jumping out either in front of you, above you...or onto you!

Adz and Ginni along with special guest - Sydney model, photographer and socialite David Paris bravely strolled down to Luna Park and took the ride themselves.

Check out an exclusive sneak peak below.

The Circus Of Screams is open for a strictly limited season at Luna Park.

Click here for more information

One World

Shakira's hips don't lie....do yours?

Let your hips tell the truth on a more global scale to music from all over the world including Spain, India and Greece combined with House, ABBA and Kylie at the newest party to hit the scene - One World.

Coming to you every third Friday of the Month, One World has found it's home right here in Melbourne at Neverwhere - 185 Smith St, Fitzroy. It kicks off this Friday Jan 16.

With live entertainment including Belly Dancing on the night, One World is a fun safe, space open to all attitude- free connoisseurs. It is a mixed GLBTI space that welcomes all to celebrate the diversity of our community.

Dress up or dress in drag - as all drag gets in free! There will be nibbles and drink specials on throughout the night.

Catch Tim and Jazz from One World tomorrow on The Hump Day Crew - Wednesday 6:30-9am on Joy 94.9 or click here to listen online.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What Does 2009 Hold For You? Your Stars by Stephen Devine

Each week you can here Stephen Devine on The Hump Day Crew Show with your stars for the coming 7 days. Here is the forecast for the year of 2009.
2009 will be all about discovering what really works for you. Jupiter’s new position will assist you in discovering new interests, friends and will assist you to be far more open minded. The eclipses of January 26th and August 6th will bring to the forefront issues involving friendship and change. These events will help you to move on.
Many of you, however, are struggling with organising your life. You have until October to rectify this problem.
Expect February and March to a highly romantic period for you. Many of you will finally understand your relationship needs. Anger management may be an issue in May.

Your chances of achieving worldly success is great this year. Inspiration may come to you around the time of the eclipses of January the 26th and August the 6th. You’ll become more acutely aware of how you communicate with others during the eclipse of the July 2nd.
For most of his year Saturn will make you work hard at developing extra confidence and will power. Both these qualities will be needed if you make any public declarations. Venus, your ruler, is at its most helpful in June and November. This is when you’ll be at your most fun and creative. If single, love may be finally found. Try hard to keep your cool in the second half of May.

You should feel far more optimistic about your prospects this year. Your world will open up and many fun adventures will be had if you seize the opportunity. Travel is a highly likely prospect.
Until November you’ll need to work at making yourself more emotionally secure. Think primarily of yourself and don’t be diverted from your path by the sweet talk of others. The eclipse of the 22nd of July will be the beginning of a new financial cycle for you. Look carefully where money can be made.
Avoid signing contracts mid May when Mercury is retrograde. July and December are when you are at your flirtatious best.

Unlocking the secrets of your past will be possible this year. Jupiter will assist you in understanding why you have made mistakes in the past. Use this knowledge to assist your financial prospects.
Work on improving your communication skills this year. Do you really say what you mean? Do you carefully listen to others? Consider these questions.
The two eclipses in your sign this year suggest that 2009 will bring great personal changes. The first of these occurs on July 22nd and the second occurs on December 31st. Be prepare to work through issues in the second half of the year that these events highlight. Don’t panic as by the end of the year Venus is in a highly favourable position. Love and luck can indeed be yours.

Once you get your finances in order all will be fine. You have until November to achieve this feat. Jupiter will contribute to making this year a memorable and romantic one for you. Some of you will even find true love. All of your relationships will bring you great enjoyment and you should find it easy to strike a balance between the diverse aspects of your life.
The eclipse of February 9th occurs in your sign. The fall out of this event will lead you to question much in your life. Many of your values and priorities will be challenged. Expect this process to continue until the late July. By accepting challenges you should experience rewarding and spiritual satisfaction.

Saturn remains in your sign until November causing you to work hard and adopt a ‘take no prisoner’s approach. You’ll have to decide what, and who, is really important to you. This is no time for sentiment.
Jupiter’s position will help you to achieve your goals. Your analytical abilities will be strong and you’ll be far more discriminating. Follow your gut instincts and don’ be swayed by public opinion. Pursue love interests in the months of January and July. Expect to feel frustrated around May when Mercury is retrograde. Think carefully before you commit your self to future projects around this time.

2009 will grant you the opportunity to shine. You’ll find attracting attention will be easy and your movements, utterings and opinions will be much discussed. Make sure your actions can withstand close scrutiny.
November/ December will be the beginning of a significant period of change as Saturn enters your sign on October 30th. You’ll feel the need t o restructure your life and question some of your long held beliefs. Don’t attempt to hang on to your past.
May is the most romantic month of this year for you. You’ll delight in the company of your friends and will be able to attract new people towards you. Reflect upon what your priorities really are around September/ October.

Your quest for security has a great chance of being satisfied this year. The stars are encouraging you to consolidate your position and adopt a more conservative attitude. If someone hurts you it is time to move away.
You may have difficulties with friends or loved ones for much of this year. If this happens don’t be scared to let go. By the end of the year these difficulties will tend to ease.
Be aware of your thoughts and ideas around the eclipse of July 22nd. What you discover could have a great bearing upon your future. Romantic prospects are at their most fertile in late April.

There will be an amazing struggle between two opposing forces until November as Jupiter is expecting you to be sociable while Saturn is demanding that you be serious and ambitious. The secret is to balance these two opposing forces.
Throughout this year it is vital that you interact with others and listen to their ideas. This will be your best source of information. Contacts you make could be highly significant. Avoid the temptation of partying for the sake of diversion. Be selective regarding your invites.
Don’t be too hard upon yourself. Be realistic about your capabilities. Avoid exaggerating simply to impress others. Love is most likely to come knocking on your door in late May/ early June and during October/ November. By the end of this year you should feel more content within your own skin.

Thanks to Jupiter’s position your financial luck should be strong. Invest wisely and be confident about the outcome. Many of you goat people will either buy their first home or upgrade your existing abode. You’ll want your surroundings to be as beautiful as possible.
Saturn, your ruler, continues to force you to concentrate upon your future. You’ll carefully calculate all risks and will happily cut down on non- essential spending. During the last two months of 2009 expect to be overly concerned about your status and ability to achieve success.
At the beginning of this year you’ll be in a great hurry to get things done. Make sure you don’t overlook important details. The eclipse of July 7th will really shake things up.

With lucky Jupiter in your sign throughout 2009 this should prove to be a highly memorable year. Trust your own judgment and make sure you follow up any favourable offers. Look beyond your usual horizons. Consider travel as a viable option.
Saturn, the task master of the zodiac, is encouraging you to be careful in your financial dealings. It will also force you to come to terms with your past. By doing so you’ll avoid repeating previous mistakes.
2009 is also a year where you’ll want to make massive changes because of the two eclipses that occur in your sign. The first of these occurs on January 26th and will reignite your ambitions and motivations. This will be the commencement of a six month period where you’ll question many of your values.

By now you should have realized just how quickly your fortunes can fluctuate. This is because of the presence of Uranus in your sign. Expect this trend to continue throughout the year.
Jupiter’s placement means that your best options lie in stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. Don’t be in a hurry to make decisions. By following your creative urges you’ll be able to gain personal satisfaction.
Saturn’s position means that relationships are going to be a source of learning until November. Don’t expect your love life to go according to plan. Be realistic with your expectations. Your romantic options are at there best around September/October.
Catch Stephen Devine each Wednesday after the 7am News on Joy 94.9 or at www.joy.org.au

Friday, January 9, 2009

Impro Melbourne's tribute song to 2008

Jamie Robertson from Impro Melbourne - Melbourne's premier improvisation company, took up the passengers seat in The Campervan with Ginni to farewell 2008 in style.

As a professional improvisor, Jamie doesn't rely on scripts or safety harnesses, but uses quick-thinking and wit to bring entertaining, hilarious and purely uncensored performances.

When taking up The Campervan, Jamie's improvisation skills were put to the test. He was given a task - to create a tribute song to 2008. The song would comprise of random words at the listeners request and was to be sung to the tune on the Britney Speares version of "My Prerogative."

Click here to listen to his hilarious 2008 tribute song.

Robertson features in various Impro Melbourne shows and courses which commence in February this year.

For more information on Impro Melbourne actors, courses or shows click here

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wayne G gets Twisted

He is an international DJ who last time we chatted revealed he has a TWISTED way to handle fetish shows.

He is the DISCO DEALER, who with a little FAITH will in ONE FINE DAY, will create for you the PERFECT MOMENT, where YOU’RE A SUPERSTAR, POPULAR and FILTHY/GORGEOUS in HANDBAG HEAVEN.
Other guys may RUB ME WRONG or are after JUST SEX, but this man is LARGER THAN LIFE and WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU. Whether it be at MARDI GRAS AT THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT, SANTA MARIA or just a bit of a GAYFEST.

You better DIVE IN THE POOL to cool off as he is willing to get UNCOVERED.
Now back for more of a BREAKDANCE and more DEBAUCHERY.

Click here to listen to our favourite gay DJ.

Click here to listen to his first interview with Adam Barralet on 3rd June 2008.

Watch Wayne G's film clip of Twisted below (it's very gay!!!).