Friday, January 9, 2009

Impro Melbourne's tribute song to 2008

Jamie Robertson from Impro Melbourne - Melbourne's premier improvisation company, took up the passengers seat in The Campervan with Ginni to farewell 2008 in style.

As a professional improvisor, Jamie doesn't rely on scripts or safety harnesses, but uses quick-thinking and wit to bring entertaining, hilarious and purely uncensored performances.

When taking up The Campervan, Jamie's improvisation skills were put to the test. He was given a task - to create a tribute song to 2008. The song would comprise of random words at the listeners request and was to be sung to the tune on the Britney Speares version of "My Prerogative."

Click here to listen to his hilarious 2008 tribute song.

Robertson features in various Impro Melbourne shows and courses which commence in February this year.

For more information on Impro Melbourne actors, courses or shows click here

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