Friday, July 31, 2009

Robbie & Dan from Australia's Perfect Couple

Channel Nine's new reality television series, "Australia's Perfect Couple," premiered last week
 on Wednesday at 7:30pm. The six week series features 8 couples which include high school sweethearts and complete opposites. Amongst them, are same sex foster parents Robbie & Dan. who we at The Hump Day Crew will be rooting for to claim the $250,000 prize money. The couple have been together for nine year and met at one of Melbourne'e elite clubs, The Market on Commercial Rd. They now have a beautiful daughter, Samantha who hopes to go to Disneyland if the couple take out the series.

Robbie and Dan join The Hump Day Crew and talk about the history of their relationship, Robbie's romantic proposal overseas and The Hump Day Crew put the boys to a test as to how well they know each other.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Linda The Penguin Is A Friggin' Homewrecker!!!

The Hump Day Crew found the following story on quirky website

Penguin love triangle

A gay relationship between two male penguins at a zoo has ended after six years - because one dumped the other for a female.

Harry has left Pepper for another "more attractive" bird - a widow called Linda - at San Francisco Zoo, reports Sky News.

The story has been picked up by many of the leading American newspapers including the Los Angeles Times.

Bloggers have been quick to accuse Linda of being a "home wrecker" who "lives for her own happiness, no matter who gets hurt".

The LA Times reported that Harry and Pepper had lived happily side-by-side, protecting eggs abandoned by other penguins, for many years.

But the relationship came to a "shocking end" when Harry moved into a neighboring nest with recently-widowed Linda.

Pepper has been spotted by visitors walking mournfully back and forth around the pen.
Harrison Edell, a curator of birds at the zoo, noted that Linda's recently-deceased partner was a leader of sorts among the small zoo penguin community, commanding not one but two nests.

"For penguins, real estate means a lot," Mr Edell told the LA Times. "So as far as penguins go, she was a pretty attractive prospect."

Click here to listen to what the Hump Day Crew think of the situation.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rizi Timane - A Great Mix of Christianity and Homosexuality

Rizi Timane was brought up in a Christian family and since realising she was gay at the age of 8, has faced challenges reconciling her sexuality with her religion. Her family never accepted her as gay and even tried an exorcism to "cure her gayness". She faced many battles but has come out the other side with a message of strength for many people around the world who struggle with the same issue.

Rizi Timane's message is clear. God loves you, no matter what your sexuality, and the damning references to homosexuality do not refer to the way most practice gay love today. She uses her music to share this message and her latest album boasts songs that command celebration and issue strength. Rizi is truly a gift from God for those who are made to feel unwelcome by their families, communities and churches.

Click here to hear the interview and Rizi Timane's track "Come Out".

You can find out all about Rizi Timane at

HDC Global Community - India's Ketan from Gay Bombay

It's an exciting time in India as a top Indian court has issued a landmark ruling decriminalising gay sex between consenting adults, overturning colonial-era legislation that outlawed homosexuality. It is a time for Gay India to celebrate but there is still much to evolve. Although legislation can be changed in a takes longer for attitudes to change.

One individual providing a voice for the GLBT Community in India is Ketan of Gay Bombay, a new gay news and media internet broadcaster.
Check them out at

Click here to listen to the interview with Gay Bombay's Ketan.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

HDC Global Community - Uffe Elbaek, Copenhagen 2009 Outgames CEO - Denmark

This year's World Outgames is bound to be a monumental event. Not only will there be competitions in around 40 individual and team sporting events but their will be cultural, human rights events.

You can be involved in leather pride, a tango festival or go see representatives from Tel Aviv, Rio, Mexico City as well as Melbourne.

Uffe Elbaek, the CEO of this year's World Outgames plans to share the games with the people of Denmark. It will not be held behind closed doors rather events will be in popular public venues.

There were two key points that make Denmark an appealing country. Firstly it was the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage. Secondly he says that unlike other countries, the people of Denmark trust their politicians.

Click here to here the interview.

Find out more at

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interior Decor Doctor: Wal Paper

Interior Design whiz - Doctor Wal Paper joined The Hump Day Crew with all the handy tips to ensure that redecorating or renovating your place could be done with economic precision. His tips on how to preserve ice cubes as candles, toilet paper as wall paper,

Click here to hear this once off, "professional" advice.

Dr Wal Paper also goes by the alias of Mike Bryant from Impro Melbourne - you can find more information about him at

HDC Global Community - Czech Republic

This week in The Hump Day Crew's global community, we head to the other side of the world to the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Our correspondent was the lovely local Jeesik Novy.

With the majority of Europe still overcoming the Communist hangover, Novy claims that gay life, though there still is quite a journey, is slowly progressing throughout Prague.
Here what the Czech Republic think of our Kylie Minogue - Download podcast here

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holly Weinert

Although Holly Weinert had been performing for many years, she slammed on to the Australian stage as part of Australian Idol 2007. She may not have made any friends with the judges but she definitely appealed to an alternative fan base after performing her version of the Gossip's Standing In The Way Of Control (see the video below).

Now, post Idol, Holly is working on an album. The exciting thing about this album is it will have a little bit from many genres...just like a compilation CD...but with all the same artist.

Click here to hear one of Holly Weinert's first interviews, talking with The Hump Day Crew.

Thom Filicia makes over the homes of the Hump Day Crew and gives you some tips too

Thom Felicia is not only a well known member of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Fab Five. He is also a renowned Interior Designer. He has worked on the homes of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony as well as travelled outside of the USA to work.

Thom took time out to chat to the Hump Day Crew about how he got involved in Queer Eye and why interior design is his passion. He also offers some tips for singles trying to lure others into their love nests.

The Hump Day Crew also gave Thom a challenge.

Can you pick which room belongs to Adz, Ginni and The Bish from the three pictures below? We gave Thom Felicia of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy the challenge too.

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Click here to listen to the interview with Thom and see if you can beat him to work out which room belongs to who.

A must for every coffee table is Thom's new book titled Style. It an inspiring look at the man himself and how to turn your pad to a personalised palace.

Check out Thom's website at

Jai Rodriguez - More Than Just The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Culture Vulture.

Jai Rodriguez is best known as one of the Fab Five on the TV Show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy but he has many other accomplishments just as impressive. Jai began his performing career at the age of 17 when he was cast as Angel in the hit musical RENT—a role that he performed for five years.

Before appearing on Queer Eye, Jai starred in an Off-Broadway show called Zanna, Don't! The show that was successfully shown in Melbourne during Midsumma.

Check out Jai in action in the below video.

His current projects includes working with Jamie King (Madonna's artistic director) in a production called Go West as well as releasing his first tracks. Check them out at

Jai took time out to chat with the Hump Day Crew. Click here to listen to their chat.

HDC Global Community - Mr Gay Peru - Jorge Alonso Seminario Zavala

Gay life in Peru is different to that which people living countries such as Australia, USA and UK experience. With less acceptance the decision to enter the Mr Gay Peru is a brave one. However it paid off for Jorge Zavala and earlier this year he was crowned Mr Gay Peru.

Jorge took the time to share with the Hump Day Crew about his experiences of being gay and living in Peru. Click here to listen to the interview.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

HDC Global Community - Pride in Belleville, St Louis, USA

St. Louis is a major city in the US with about 2.6 million residents. Greater St. Louis has celebrated Pride for 30 years, and is among the largest in the nation.

Belleville, is an eastern suburb located about 30km from downtown St. Louis, and will celebrate its 2nd annual event in 2009.

Funded by community organizations, and the Center for Economic & Social Justice ( ), this year we have 60 unique vendors that represent local LGBTQ businesses and non profit organizations.

Pictured above is the festival's head line act is Lea DeLaria (born May 23, 1958 at Belleville, Illinois) is a US comedian and jazz musician.

An extremely prominent figure in the world of lesbian stand-up comedy, she is noted for her raunchy persona and inflammatory, irreverent political commentary, which have proven controversial inside and outside the gay and lesbian community. Some of her comedy releases include Bulldyke in a China Shop and Box Lunch. She has also written a humorous book entitled Lea's Book of Rules for the World.

Click here to listen to the chat with Colby Kulthe of Belleville Pride.

Please visit

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Liz Keener - Dawn Denbo from The L Word

Uh Oh - look out ladies and L word fans - it's Dawn Denbo...but without her lover Cindy. Although we were planning to go into this interview with padded gear, baseball bats and helmets just in case for self defence; we found that Liz Keener was nothing short of an absolute delight and sweetheart to interview, which affirms just how talented and convincing a performer she is.

Sister of Katherine Keener, the talent of acting is one thing that flows in the family veins. Currently working on an environmental show, "The Green Birds,"- which is directed by David Duchovony's brother - Danny, Keener takes a fun and innovative look on helping the environment. She also features in the latest spin on celebrity chef cooking - the webisode series - Dishin It Up hosted by comedian Erin Foley. Keener talks Erin through how to cook a mean Shrimp Stir Fry. Yum!

If you have a copy of Eminem's latest installment "Relapse,"and hear a familiar voice on the skits - Keener is the voice of Tonya which involves her getting duct taped at the end.

Liz chats to Ginni and The Bish from The Hump Day Crew about her work on The L Word, her current projects Dishin It Up and The Green Birds (director by David Duchovony).

Download podcast here

We like to help people out on The Hump Day Crew - and as Liz stated she would like to have a ringtone featuring her voice saying the words "ring"- we thought we would help her out.

Click here to download the ringtone.

Pinkalicious - All Style and Chic(k)

Pinkalicious has created history, not only for Melbourne's lesbian community but is the first enforced female only event in the country.

The application for a women's only event with a VCAT exemption was granted last week which gives promoters the right to turn biological men away from the event.

Following the lead of other Melbourne gay clubs like The Peel and The Laird Hotel's policies allowing them to exclude patrons of the opposite sex, Pinkalicious hostess Julie MacKenzie said "lesbians now have a place they can feel comfortable and won't be subjected to judgement about their sexuality or receive unwanted male attention."

Pinkalicious does not discriminate against members of the opposite sex - the exemption purely priortises safety and comfort of females. Hostess Julie MacKenzie joins The Hump Day Crew and talks about the exemption and the next two parties. Click here to listen to their chat.

The next Pinkalicious will be held on August 15 - tune into The Hump Day Crew from 6:30am on August 12 for more details.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Divine Experience of Rhonda Burchmore

A: Ok Sugar Babies, Guys And Dolls and My Funny Valentines.
Our next guest loves a bit of a Song And Dance and is always up for bit of a Hot Shoe Shuffle with a Dancin’ Man.

B: Her dazzling dance steps, superb comic timing, effervescent personality and her stunning voice will take you off into your Pure Imagination of a fantasy world till you think you are Aladdin or Cinderella.

A: Mamma Mia as They’re Playing Our Song, Annie Get Your Gun and Lend Me A Tenor because we are going to head Into The Woods of Australian Performing Royalty.

B: Adz, enough of this Tomfoolery like we are in Urinetown, let’s show a little RESPECT like you would for a Midnight Rendezvous. I don’t like to count my eggs before the Easter Parade but I think this will be a great chat.

A: Stop The World I Want To Get Off, I am feeling Red Hot like I have a Fever. We welcome to the Hump Day Crew as she Sings ‘n Swings…Rhonda Burchmore.

From television to the big screen, musical theatre to opera to cabaret, there are few entertainment mediums that Rhonda Burchmore has not embraced with her wide ranging talents. She has not only entertained generations of Australians but has also graced London’s West End and Broadway.

Rhonda Burchmore took the time to chat about her current projects, her idols, a bizarre injury and Melbourne Drag Icon Vivian St James.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Find out the latest on Rhonda Burchmore at

HDC Global Community - Abdellah Taia - Speaking Up About Life as a Gay Muslim in Morocco

Abdellah Taia grew up in a poor family in Morocco where he experienced the repressions of his sexuality in a Muslim country. Today, living in Paris, he writes about his experiences and has become a beacon of light to many other gay Muslims.

"I found that many other interviews about Abdellah Taia has sensationalised aspects of his life but when you take the time to talk to him, you realise how he experienced many thoughts, feelings and reactions many gay youths go through in their lives. An attraction to his brother is similar to that which we experience as we grow up and reconcile feelings inside our self.

Abdellah Taia's story is both interesting and relatable and I hope you enjoy the experience of listening to him as much as I did talking with an inspirational man who follows his dreams and sees beauty in the gloom".
- Adam Barralet

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Abdellah Taia's book is available at many book stores and can be ordered on line.

Click here to read an excerpt.

Abdellah Taia's website is