Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Liz Keener - Dawn Denbo from The L Word

Uh Oh - look out ladies and L word fans - it's Dawn Denbo...but without her lover Cindy. Although we were planning to go into this interview with padded gear, baseball bats and helmets just in case for self defence; we found that Liz Keener was nothing short of an absolute delight and sweetheart to interview, which affirms just how talented and convincing a performer she is.

Sister of Katherine Keener, the talent of acting is one thing that flows in the family veins. Currently working on an environmental show, "The Green Birds,"- which is directed by David Duchovony's brother - Danny, Keener takes a fun and innovative look on helping the environment. She also features in the latest spin on celebrity chef cooking - the webisode series - Dishin It Up hosted by comedian Erin Foley. Keener talks Erin through how to cook a mean Shrimp Stir Fry. Yum!

If you have a copy of Eminem's latest installment "Relapse,"and hear a familiar voice on the skits - Keener is the voice of Tonya which involves her getting duct taped at the end.

Liz chats to Ginni and The Bish from The Hump Day Crew about her work on The L Word, her current projects Dishin It Up and The Green Birds (director by David Duchovony).

Download podcast here

We like to help people out on The Hump Day Crew - and as Liz stated she would like to have a ringtone featuring her voice saying the words "ring"- we thought we would help her out.

Click here to download the ringtone.

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ranson said...

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