Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pinkalicious - All Style and Chic(k)

Pinkalicious has created history, not only for Melbourne's lesbian community but is the first enforced female only event in the country.

The application for a women's only event with a VCAT exemption was granted last week which gives promoters the right to turn biological men away from the event.

Following the lead of other Melbourne gay clubs like The Peel and The Laird Hotel's policies allowing them to exclude patrons of the opposite sex, Pinkalicious hostess Julie MacKenzie said "lesbians now have a place they can feel comfortable and won't be subjected to judgement about their sexuality or receive unwanted male attention."

Pinkalicious does not discriminate against members of the opposite sex - the exemption purely priortises safety and comfort of females. Hostess Julie MacKenzie joins The Hump Day Crew and talks about the exemption and the next two parties. Click here to listen to their chat.

The next Pinkalicious will be held on August 15 - tune into The Hump Day Crew from 6:30am on August 12 for more details.

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