Thursday, February 26, 2009

All Hail The Kings Of Random

What's the one thing you perhaps wouldn't want to hear while you are scoffing down your breakfast? The strangest things people have eaten! So naturally, The Hump Day Crew asked you to tell us about all the weird and quirky things you've we could make up a song including ALL of the tune of a Pink song. We'd like to call it, "Get The Stomach Started."

Some of the strangest foods messaged in were:
  • fried country scorpion bits
  • AA battery
  • crocodile
  • sardine and quince
  • jelly fish
  • sugar sandwiches
To help us with our composition of this masterpiece -we called upon the Kings of Randomness - Mike Bryant and Sean Fabri from Impro Melbourne.

Click here to hear the exclusive - Get The Stomach Started.

WARNING: Consumption of any food prior to listening this is NOT advised.

Impro Melbourne are one of Australia's leading improvisation schools. With Late Night Impro and Celebrity Theatresports, Impro Melbourne will be performing at the comedy festival.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Camping Out With Brett Every

If you have ever dreamed of a man who would write you a love song without changing the gender, the words or how he feels - then Brett Every is the epitome of all your desires.

Being a huge fan of the good old fashioned classic love song, Brett's new album Camping Out features 8 original love songs with a same sex focus and 2 covers.

Click here to listen to his chat with Ginni, where he talks about coming out, his musical awakenings and what it is like to finally not have to change to words to a song.

To hear Brett's music visit

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vixen Noir: From horny little toddler to inimitable Sex Goddess… A funny, raucous, and edgy journey down the road of Vixen’s sexual evolution!

In Sweet Deliverance, Vixen Noir traces the evolution of her sexuality from horny little toddler to inimitable Sex Goddess. Funny, edgy and raucous, Vixen gets down and dirty with her grandmother, Sweet, as she sets out to prove that her smutty ways were passed down through her matriarchal bloodline. Vixen says, “Honey, I came out of my mother’s womb sexually aroused!” Sweet Deliverance employs a fierce mix of storytelling, poetry, monologues, songs, burlesque and dance, punctuated by video excerpts that culminate in an explosive climax destined to make you look at your own sexuality in a whole different light! As one audience member put it— “… you AMAZE me with putting wordz to the unspeakable. You unabashedly, unapologetically shed light on the darkest secrets of the brown girl'z ...private space...”

Click here to listen to Vixen playing with the Hump Day Crew.

You can check out her MySpace page at

Adz & David Campbell

"I'm an entertainer," says David Campbell firmly. There are many singers in many styles on the Australian charts. But there's only one David Campbell. He has featured on television programs, starred in musical theatre, devised in his own cabaret shows in New York, recorded two Top 10 albums and sold out a concert tour from coast to coast.

Although a master of many trades, music is Campbell's main passion. It's music, which has seen him through tough times and given him the great highs.

Born in Adelaide in 1973 he was raised by his grandmother while his father, Jimmy Barnes went on to be a rock & roll star. David was drawn to the performing arts, initially as an actor. He showed a talent for music theatre and appeared in several large musicals. In the late 1990s he moved to New York where his downtown cabaret show was acclaimed by the New York Times and he moved to major venue - Rainbow and Stars. Returning to Australia, Campbell took on the role of Johnny O'Keefe in the musical Shout! Which toured nationally. In the meantime he has hosted his own shift on the radio station Nova and featured on shows such as Dancing With the Stars and It Takes Two.

David Campbell caught up with Adz for a chat. Click here to listen to the interview.

You can find out more about David Campbell at

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hump Day Crew - Best of 2008

When the Hump Day Crew hit the airwaves in August 2008, little did Raz, Adz and Ginni except to spend more time doing crazy things outside the studio, than in......and that's saying something. 

In those 5 months, there have been so many adventures and memories created....full of laughter, tears from laughter, flinches, bruises, burns (the list goes on...) created within the studio and outside. From ballroom dancing, to free hugs on Bourke St...from spinning around at NICA and visiting the cirucs at Luna are the best memories of The Hump Day Crew for 2008.