Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bish Inititation

Adz and Ginni from The Hump Day Crew have yet to give their newest recruit, The Bish - a proper welcoming party.

So, in conjunction with the Gay May Special - they have decided to welcome The Bish into the team, to Joy 94.9 and the gay community by giving him tasks to complete over the next few weeks.

Task One: Choreograph a dance routine to the song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.
As the gay community LOVE to dance, Adz and Ginni put The Bish's boogie to a test.

Has he passed? Judge for yourself.

It's Week Two of Gay May and the second installment of The Bish Initiation. Having no idea what was in store for him today, after last weeks impulse dance choreography, The Bish had his apprehensions.

Task Two: Keeping up appearances. Carly and Phillp from Joy Sponsor Zipt were called upon to give our Bish a lesson or twelve in grooming.
Check out the video.

Its the final week of The Hump Day Crew's Gay May and the final task for The Bish's Initiation.

Final Task: Attend a PFLAG meeting.

The Hump Day Crew talk to the current President of PFLAG Kerrie about the meeting, what exactly PFLAG is and how it has helped many people over the past 15 years.

Click here to listen to the full interview

For more information about PFLAG go to their website

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Comedian Mark Watson

Mark Watson is a comedian, author, sports pundit and husband. He was born in 1980 and according to life expectancy for his socio-economic group and Body Mass Index, will die in 2056.

The 24-hour show performer, amateur environmentalist, radio and TV favourite, author and star of three sold-out Melbourne seasons returned to his favourite city with the fastest-selling comedy show of last year's Edinburgh Festival.

Mark shared breakfast (literally) with the Hump Day Crew. Click here to listen to the interview.

Check out his website too! It's

Cooking with Lemons - Michelle Darlington from Masterchef

She describes herself as a lesbian who eats tofu and meat and thinks food is about the connection between love and life. Recently she was eliminated from the Chanel 10 Show Masterchef.

Michelle from South Coast, NSW describes her cooking style as organic and loves Jamie Oliver as he "gives back to other people and to the community. He's the salt of the earth and he cares about food and is trying to help changes as well and I identify with that energy."

Passionate about the sort of food she eats, Michelle says...

"I grow my own veggies and have fruit trees as well. I don't eat a huge amount of meat but I love to eat organic if I do. I want the animals to be well loved. I want to have some sort of karma about what I'm eating."

"For me, I love the connection with the cycle of life and it’s the whole cycle from the plant and the animal to what's put on a plate that is so important."

For someone who only discovered her love of food recently Michelle has embraced her passion and inspired the Hump Day Crew to cook up a storm of conversation with a side of banter.

Click here to listen to their chat.

To find out more about the TV show Masterchef, please visit

Impro Melbourne Helps Out Miss California

Gay Communities around the world have mocked and critisized Miss California's reply to her stance on gay marriage. The original speech went like this...

We asked the boys from Impro Melbourne to give us their version. It went like this...

Please Click Here

Impro Melbourne are one of Australia's leading improvisation schools. With Late Night Impro and Celebrity Theatresports, Impro Melbourne will be performing at the comedy festival. Visit

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chk Chk Boom - Queen Miss Left Titter tells us what really happened in Kings Cross

The News has jumped on this eye witness of a recent shooting in Sydney's Kings Cross after it was discovered she wasn't there to witness the shooting: The Hump Day Crew chat with QMLT about what really happened in the Kings Cross Shooting as well as Avenue Q and Ginni dissing The Queen on her visit to Sydney.

Click here to listen to their chat.

For all her adventures, please visit

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sharon Gless - Debbie from Queer As Folk

Two time Emmy award and Golden Globe award winning Sharon Gless stopped by to chat to Adz and Ginni from The Hump Day Crew. She is probably best known for her role as Sgt. Christine Cagney on the 1980's cop show Cagney and Lacey but we love her as Debbie Novotny from Queer As Folk.

Gless started out working as a secretary for advertising agencies and film companies before she designed to sign a contract with Universal in 1974.

We found out that she generally doesn't tend to wear blue to dinner parties and that she turns a fabulous 66 on Sunday. She took time out of a dinner party to come chat to Ginni and Adz - she was an absolute delight to chat to and she still is just as passionate about human rights (in particular gay rights and womens rights). It was an honor to chat to one of the greats in World Film and Television - we hope you enjoy her company as much as we did.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hal Sparks - Michael Novotny from Queer As Folk

Hal Sparks is probably best known to us as Michael Novotny is the TV series Queer As Folk. However other things you may need to know about him in case they ask at a trivia night:
  1. Hal is an accomplished singer/songwriter.

  2. Hal is an expert in the martial arts with 20 years experience in Shaolin kung fu, Wushu and Karate.

  3. His quick wit and affable personality earned him the title of "Funniest Teenager In Chicago" by the Chicago Sun Times in 1987.

  4. Since then Hal has perfromed at numerous comedy clubs including The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory and The Ice House, as well as at Comic Relief's American Comedy Festival.

  5. Sparks was the host of the Emmy-award winning "Talk Soup" on E! Entertainment Television.

  6. In 2004 Sparks appeared in the box office hit "Spiderman 2." He also co-starred in the 20th Century Fox comedy, "Dude, Where's My Car?,"

  7. Hal also wrote, directed and starred in his own sketch comedy show entitled "Here Comes the Neighborhood" and produced comedy segments for the Disney Channel. On stage, he has performed in such productions as "Equus," "The Elephant Man," and "Brighton Beach Memoirs."

  8. Hal is a big supporter of Farm Sanctuary who work to combating the abuses of factory farming and to encouraging a new awareness and understanding about “farm animals.”

Hal Sparks in Spiderman 2

Hal Sparks fronts Zero 1

Check out Hal Sparks at Myspace -

Hal Sparks joins the Hump Day Crew to talk about Queer As Folk, researching the role of Michael at straight venues, his hair, Twitter and knowing you are famous when when you have a goat named after you and you have a Chinese name. Click here to listen to the full interview.

Before The Hump Day Crew....Adz was a..

Before The Hump Day Crew, Adz was a newsreader for JOY's Friday Breakfast Show, The G Spot. Apart from researching, writing, updating, editing and reading the news, he was also the fountain of wisdom for the girls.

Today the three explore the mechanics of the orgasm. Human Biology was never taught this way!

Click here to listen to the Adz, Gillian and Claire try to induce an orgasm by snorting pepper.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scott Cameron & Luke Tonkin from Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story

Scott Cameron (Buddy Holly) and Luke Tonkin (The Big Bopper) from Buddy - The Buddy Holly story drop by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni about their national tour of the musical. They will be in Melbourne from June 27.

Scott and Luke dared to take on The Hump Day Crew's 101 Questions which revealed some pretty interesting answers....including Scott's secret Superman suit. Oops...I guess its not so much of a secret anymore.

Download the podcast here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Michelle Clunie - Melanie from Queer As Folk

We were thankful that the US version of Queer As Folk included a fleshy female storyline that the UK version failed to do and as a result, our screens were blessed with talented actresses - one of them being Michelle Clunie.

Born in Portland Oregon, Clunie's first ever acting experience was actually in 5th grade, where she played the lead role in Cinderrabbit - the rabbit version of the timeless fairytale. Her talents extend to ballet dancing which she earned a scholarship to The Academy of Professional Ballet and worked for The Keith Martin ballet company.

She has an extensive career spanning out in theatre, film but also in television with credits including E.R, JAG, Judging Amy and House M.D.

Clunie also featured in Peter Paige's film - Leaving Barstow which collected a total of 16 awards throughout many festivals through the U.S.

Leaving Barstow 2008

Although she claims she has hung up her ballet shoes and we didn't see any dancing on screen with Queer As Folk, Michelle did manage to bust a few dance moves in the Murk vs Kristine clip of Some Lovin' which featured the entire cast.

In 2000, came here big break where she landed the role of Melanie Marcus - though much apprehension surrounded the role and the show in it's entirity, Clunie was thrilled to be doing something that made a difference and fell in love with the storyline instantly. The inclusion of the Melanie/Lindsay storyline in Queer As Folk paved way for shows like The L Word and the inclusion of full weighted gay characters in mainstream television shows.

The role has opened up many avenues for philanthropic work. Clunie, during and even still is a regular at the GLAAD awards and supports several streams of charitys such as Fit4Free, The Human Rights Campaign, Global Fund For Women and Green Empowerment to name a few. She was spokesperson for the Destination Foundation for a number of years (similar charity Australia's Starlight Foundation) which was founded by Tim Hepworth in dedication of his late partner. As of late, she has taken her work to more of a political focus and encourages support for organisations such as the American Civil Liberties Union - which encompasses protection of freedom for a number of rights. Her latest philanthropic project - Meet In The Middle 4 Equality.

For more information on Michelle Clunie, visit

Michelle Clunie chats to Adz and Ginni from The Hump Day Crew about her role as Melanie, the reaction to Queer As Folk from individuals to fans through to communities all over the world, taking up Salsa lessons with boyfriend Eric Schneiderman and she is brave enough to take on The Hump Day Crew's 101 questions.

Click here for the full interview

The Pleasurable Experience that is Thea Gill - Lindsay Peterson from Queer As Folk

We were told there were no SIGHTINGS of our next guest, as she was last seen to be captured by THE COLLECTER of the UFO DOGGIES and taken to the ANDROMEDA GALAXY.

We were still determined to find her, so we camped out in DANTES COVE, dived into an ocean of BUBBLES GALORE. And found ourselves WASHED UP on the coast of COPACABANA.

We even survived a TORNADO WARNING and sweated through some HOT SUMMER DAYS and if TRUTH be told, the latter was the LESSER EVIL. That was because we had to battle EIGTHEEN of the local ICE MEN with different styles of KUNG FU just to find some sort of COMMON GROUND.

And LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART Adz as you refused to SWAP and stuck with me even when we were DUE SOUTH for home. But on our way we followed a PAPERTRAIL and like Dorothy to Oz, we landed a REUNION with our next guest.

Please welcome to the show that is QUEER AS FOLK, The Hump Day Crew – Thea Gill.


Talking with Thea (pictured above and on the above left) was such a delightful experience. Her gentle voice and nature was so soothing, making the interview seem like a cosy Sunday afternoon chat in front of an open fire with a cup of cocoa. Her openness about her life and passions made the conversation thought provoking and it was an absolute pleasure to get an insight into the real Thea. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did. Please click here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

News From Around The World - The Latest from Calling Long Distance

Adz chats to the boys from Calling Long Distance in Los Angeles and London about the GFC, politics and Kylie. Sounds serious? It's not.

Click here to listen.

For all the boys latest antics, please visit

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scott Lowell - Ted from Queer As Folk

Move over K-Fed, Li-Lo and J-Lo, because we have some serious competition....make way for ScoLo! He goes by the name Scott Lowell, but we remember him most for playing the loveable character of Ted "Theodore" Schmidt on Queer As Folk.

Being a straight actor playing a gay role on the show has made him realise a few things. "I do apologise to any woman I've kissed and given razor burn to over the years. That's the hardest part of it. Needing a good moisturiser afterwards."

Originally from Chicago, Scott currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys playing ping pong, the french horn and spending time with his dog.

Over the course of the 5 season series, Scott as an actor faced challenging storylines whilst playing Ted. One of them being the Crystal Meth storyline - which saw Scott go on a hellish diet and undergo changes to be true to the character. As a result, Lowell was a two time nominee at the Prism Awards; awards that honour the entertainment industry for the accurate depiction of social issues.

After Queer As Folk wrapped up, Scott continued his work in television and has made various appearances in Criminal Minds, To Live and Die i Dixie and American Dad.

Scott also reunited with QAF co-star Peter Paige in the movie Ping Pong Playa

Lowell has generously used his profile to draw awareness to civil rights and to push change to Californian adoption laws, being an adoptee himself. He chats to The Hump Day Crew about all his philanthropic work, playing Ted Schmidt, the impact Queer As Folk has had on his life and the life long friendships he has formed with the cast memebers.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Home Buyers Helpful Hints and Tips

There are currently many first home buyers in the market – actually 40% of purchasers are currently first home buyers!

Some of the important issues to consider before purchasing are location and type of property (apartment or house), price, amenities, changing needs, market conditions, interest rates or should you buy new, renovated or unrenovated?

Location – The most important consideration is proximity to employment. You need to consider the financial implications of this on your household budget.

Price – Purchase the best property you can comfortably afford. The best way to calculate what you can afford is to approach your bank/broker and find out what the repayments will be on the amount you want to borrow. Then prepare a budget saving the amount plus a further amount for maintenance and outgoings for 3 to 6 months to see the effect a home loan will have on your lifestyle.

Amenities – The most important amenities to consider are Shops, Transport, Schools, Recreation/Gym facilities, restaurants, entertainment and of course good coffee!

Changing Needs - A first home may become an investment property in the year so always remove or at least reduce the emotional component before purchasing and consider the properties potential for capital growth.

Reading the market – Timing the market is difficult but time in the market will provide financial rewards for the future. Currently low interest rates and the FHOG are providing an excellent opportunity to enter the market.

Interest Rates – Interest rates are at historical lows but they will not remain at these levels. If you are risk averse you can consider fixing a portion or all of your loan.

New, Renovated or Un-renovated – There is no right or wrong answer. If you are buying new it is likely to be a distance from the CBD. If you are considering being closer to the CBD then you are likely to be considering an apartment. The positive aspect to buying new or renovated is that all the work is done for you. The downside is that you may be paying a premium for someone else’s work.

An unrenovated property provides you with a terrific opportunity to add value in the short term but seriously consider how good your renovation skills are before considering this option.

Click here to listen to Cameron Deal chat with The Hump Day Crew.

For further information contact Cameron Deal at or view

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peter Paige - Emmett Honeycutt from Queer As Folk chats with the Hump Day Crew

We all know and will eternally love him for playing the character of Emmett Honeycutt on Queer As Folk. However, outside of the witticisms and flamboyant fashion sense of the much adored character from Hazlehurst, Mississippi; you will find that there is much more to love when you get to know Peter Paige himself.

Born in 1969, the year of the Stone Wall riots; Paige has seen gay and human rights come a long way, and is still prominent in his philanthropic work. He is on the board of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Centre - an organisation that is not only the largest Gay and Lesbian organisation in the world, but provides social services to all aspects of the community. Paige's passion for writing and directing were elicted during filmiing the series, so once the show concluded, he began working on his own projects.

Say Uncle

Say Uncle - a feature that delves into homophobia in surburbia was written and directed by Peter Paige himsef. Released in 2005, alongside Paige, Say Uncle stars Kathy Nejimy Lisa Edlestein and Melanie Lynskey.

Leaving Barstow

The second movie Paige directed starred none other than Michelle Clunie, Melanie from Queer as Folk - a film that centres around the struggles of high school senior Andrew to break away from his ties at home which encompass his devotion to his mother and attraction to a local girl. It leaves him to decide between his own ambition and the people he loves. The film collected awards at the Newport Beach Festival, Brechenridge Festival of Flim and the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

More of Peter's work can be found at

Peter Paige chats to Adz and Ginni from The Hump Day Crew about playing Emmett, the influence that his character had on people of all sexual orientations and life after Queer As Folk.

Click here to hear the full interview