Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Queer As Folk Cast Podcasts - Gay May Special

The Hump Day Crew chat to some of the cast members from Queer As Folk - Wednesdays through May. Download the podcasts below

Peter Paige (Emmett) - download podcast here

The Hump Day Crew - Wednesdays 6:30-9am AEST on Joy 94.9.

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Paris Wells joins The Hump Day Crew Live

The Hump Day Crew chats with Paris Wells about moving to Melbourne, living in a secret suburb in Richmond (apparently you need your own passcode!) and her singing career!

Click here to listen.

She will be appearing very close to home in The Corner Hotel....for full details check her out at and

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SYTYCD Australia 2009 Winner Talia & Runner-up Charlie talk about more than Dance

Australia's So You Thunk You Can Dance finished it's second massive season on Sunday night with 18 year old ballet dancer Talia being crowned (or tiara-ed) as Australia's Favourite Dancer.

Enough about the dance, Adz from the Hump Day Crew chats with Winner Talia and Runner-up Charlie from Australia's So You Think You Can Dance 2009 about politics, shoes and sex changes. Click here to listen.

For the latest news from SYTYCD, please visit

Unfortunately for dancing of a "different"calibre you will have to check out SYTYCD in Russia:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Latest from the HDC International Correspondence

Get the latest in the Gay World from our International Correspondents Jonathan Knight in London and Gabriel King - the boys from Calling Long Distance.

Find out about:

  • Twitter

  • Rupaul

  • and who The Bish likes to call when he has some free time

    • Click here to listen.

      Tune in to the Boys from Calling Long Distance at

      Wednesday, April 22, 2009

      Jason Byrne - The Byrne Identity

      "THEY" are searching for him in Dublin, London, New York, Sydney and now in his home away home MELBOURNE!

      Jason Byrne is the international man of laughter and he takes time out from his busy day of Comedy Espionage to talk with The Hump Day Crew.

      Adz, Ginni and The Bish use their awesome interrogation skills to find out the TRUTH from Jason about his adventures in Lorne, hanging out with other Irish Comedians in Melbourne, his LOVE of The Family Guy and all things cardboard!!!

      Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of Jason Byrne "singing like a canary" with The Hump Day Crew

      Lesbian Erotica Anthology

      Its time for the Australian Queer community to push it's boundaries to the erotic arena. So what is the best thing to have on the menu? A Banquet! But not that kind you order at a restaurant or eat off a plate.

      Presenting BanQuet Press - a feast of new writing by Australian Queer ♀: with an anthology of new short fiction, non fictioin, photographs, comic arts and graphics to be launched next year. With its contemporary, edgy material that showcases the artistic talents of our unique LGBTIQ community - this publication requires no side dish but definately will entice many a course of dessert.

      The Editorial Team behind the publication consists of Deanne Carson and Laura Dettori, both holding national qualifications in professional writing.

      They join The Hump Day Crew and tell them about the anthology - click here

      To enter, you must identify as Australian Queer and submit only original, unpublished material exclusively for this publication. Submission guidelines can be received through emailing

      Even The Hump Day Crew had a go at entering some literary pieces....although it may not be appearing in any form of publication anytime soon.

      Click here for some "inspiration."

      To submit your writing or graphic piece to BanQuet, email Submission Deadline is June 1, 2009

      Monday, April 20, 2009

      David O'Doherty

      Irish Comedian David O'Doherty is a scruplolous money saver, an expert on Pandas and not really a fan of beer. While in Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival he took the time to chat to the Hump Day Crew.

      But who better to tell you about David than himself:

      Click here to listen to the interview.

      Please take the time to look at the work of art that is

      Friday, April 17, 2009

      The L Word Convention

      The groundbreaking lesbian series, The L Word, is coming to Australian shores in 2010! Thanks to United L Events, The L Word Down Under Convention will be held over 3 days in Sydney.

      Hosted by Poppy Champlin (think Ellen De Generes meets David Leary), it has been officially confirmed that Rachel Shelley (Helena) and Laurel Holloman (Tina) will be attending the event, with United L events in negotiation with other actors.

      Spanning over six seasons, the show is the lesbian spin of to it's Shotime brother show, Queer As Folk. After the series ending in late February this year, the series has left a strong mark not only within lesbian communities all over the world but also in global pop culture.

      Executive Officer of United L Events, Julie Anderson, chats to The Hump Day Crew about the convention and gives a sneak peak on what can be expected over the days.

      Download the podcast here.

      For registration details, click here.

      Wednesday, April 8, 2009

      Richard Durand - "I'm not Beckham."

      In 2007, the mighty DJ Tiesto tipped this Dutchman to be one of the top DJ's. In response, Richard Durand climbed to no. #66 in the Top 100 DJ poll in DJ magazine.

      Here is a man who in his first big international tour, had his own billboard in each city of India. Then when arriving in Mongolia, had 18 security guards escorting him around the city. "I'm not Beckham," he replies, although the fame that follows him, his beats and his resemblance to Beckham may beg to differ. Durand's modesty seems to echo through all of his work.

      Click here to listen to him chat about this with Ginni.

      To add to the list of his many talents, Durand is quite technically accomplished and definately has no fear of hard work. At times he plays on 4 decks at his gigs as opposed to the usual 2. As he plays his own songs, he feels working harder allows him to "feel what the people feel," and is "more special."

      Starting out with the more classical instruments of piano, Durand began to develop an interest in popular music. It was in his earl 20's that he began remixing dance. There is no double that Durand has a geniune passion for music which is evident in all of his sets.

      Click here to hear the rest of the interview.

      Richard Durand will be performing in Melbourne at Trance Energy, Good Friday, April 10.

      For more information on Richard, click here.

      Sean Tyas

      New York born DJ Sean Tyas loves Melbourne - so much in fact that he has adimanantly stated that it his favourite place in the world to perform at AND named a song after our city. He has also alerted us to an apparent signature Melbourne move in the Trance culture - "The Melbourne Shuffle."

      He explains to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew just exactly what this "Melbourne Shuffle," is -
      Click here

      Now residing in Switzerland, Tyas has been in the industry for just under 10 years, starting out as a producer and having remixed major artists like Christina Aguilera, Pink and Moby to name a few - all that in his first six years!

      He chats to Ginni about what made him become a DJ and his future plans - click here

      Sean has performed in over 30 countries, spreading across 5 continents but hopes to take 2009 as an opportunity to develop his skills as a production artist. He will be back in Melbourne, Good Friday, playing his amazing beats.

      Tuesday, April 7, 2009

      Three Non Blondes

      Enjoy the latest episode of the Queen Miss Left Titter Show featuring Adz from the Hump Day Crew and David Paris.

      Monday, April 6, 2009

      Sied van Riel

      He is being tipped by Tiesto as "the hottest producer around" and by DJ Magazine as "the next big thing to hit trance". He's already DJed at Germany's illustrious Love Parade and spun with Tiesto on his worldwide 'ISOS5' Tour. A few years ago he didn't own a single piece of studio equipment Now he's odds-on favorite to become EDM's next big breakout and the latest graduate to join trance music's elite 'Van Clan'.

      He is Sied van Riel...

      Click here to listen to his chat with Adz.

      Check out his site at

      Wednesday, April 1, 2009

      April Fools Day with Queen Miss Left Titter

      On April Fools'Day The Hump Day Crew chat to Queen Miss Left Titter to get her fav practical jokes.

      Click here to listen.

      While on air, an anonymous SMS came in about an alleged leaked video. See that video below.

      Check out Queen Miss Left Titter at

      Farwell tribute to Raz

      March 4 bought a sad day for The Hump Day Crew - we bid farewell to a much loved co-host......Raz.

      His time at the crew bought many laughs, fits of boogling dance lessons, beard rash (for us not him), many a haircut and critique from our Programming Management that he would "umm" and "err," too much on air.

      In honour of his contribution to the show, Adz and Ginni put together a tribute song for Raz.

      Raz, thank you for the many memories! We will be seeing you soon!

      Click here to listen.

      SYTYCD: Gianne & Timomatic

      SYTYCD said goodbye to two of it's favourite dancers - Local Melbourne boy - Timomatic and Brisbane girl Gianne ended their time on the Channel 10 hit show on Monday night.

      Gianne claimed the emotional process, especially over the past week, more challenging than the physical demands that a dance reality show entailed. Both are looking forward to developing their careers; Gianne with her Brisbane based dance studio and Timomatic perhaps taking up a stint in music or a co-hosting job on Australian Idol?

      They chat to Ginni and The Bish from The Hump Day Crew about where they wish to take their careers, the demands of the show and receiving critism about something they are so passionate about. Click here

      Judge Jules

      Judge Jules (born as Julius O'Riordan on 26 October 1966 in London, United Kingdom) is a British dance music DJ, although he has been known to claim to be Irish at times. Due to his DJing prowess and popular radio show he has achieved global success and in the years 1997-2006 he didn't finish outside the top 20 in DJ Mag's "Top 100 DJ's" poll. In the 2007 poll he finished 21st.

      The Judge is well known for his witty one liners and eloquent speaking between tunes on his radio show. He is renowned for his gaudy dress sense, particularly his loud and garish shirts and t-shirts, which he predominantly wears whilst DJing in clubs.

      Click here to listen to his chat with the one and only, Judge Jules.

      Check out Judge Jules at Planet Love 2007 below

      Check out Judge Jules comprehensive site at

      Sander Van Doorn

      Dutch DJ Superstar Sander Van Doorn is set to hit Australian shores this April for the highly anticipated Easter special event - Trance Energy. Lining up alongside some of the world's finest acts including Judge Jules, Marko V, Sean Tyas and Richard Durand, Van Doorn's career started off as a producer which lead him down the path of DJ. In just 5 years, he performed at many of the pretigious Ministry of Sound and Ibiza clubs around the world and has managed to clock many dance floor hits, sell out gigs - which is more than most DJ's hope to achieve in a lifetime.

      One thing is clear about Sander - he is a very busy man. On top of regular international gigs and producing his tunes in the studio, Sander also hosts his own radio show - DI.FM which is boradcast to thousands of people across the Netherlands.

      He chats to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew about Trance Energy, his love for music and how essential a dark roast coffee is. Click here to listen.

      Check out Sander's website for more info.

      Loredo's SYTYCD Journey Ends

      "Making in to the Top 20 of SYTYCDA makes me feel like my dancing is appreciated, a feeling that I have strived for my whole life".

      Originally from Jamaica, Loredo Malcolm is a proud and graceful dancer. As the youngest in a family of 10 children growing up in poverty-stricken Jamaica, Loredo has had to fight to be able to follow his dream of dancing. Determined and focused, Loredo has done just that.

      Leaving Jamaica and his family behind, Loredo moved to Australia and began performing in The Lion King, a stint that lasted four years. He has also performed alongside music greats Sean Paul and Shaggy. However his proudest achievement to date was being granted permanent residency in Australia, confirmation that Loredo can continue to develop his dancing in a country that has welcomed him and his talent with open arms.

      Click here to listen to Adz and The Bish talk with Loredo after his journey on SYTYCD ends.

      Christine Nixon

      It would have had to be one of the more unusual moments in Christine Nixon's career, to hear thousands of strangers cheering her name, showering her with applause and trilling her every step with whistles.

      The sounds of Victoria Police's bagpipe band twigged them to her presence first, and when the crowds of people lining St Kilda's Fitzroy Street and standing high on hotel balconies finally spotted her, the roar went up. Ms Nixon, it seems, is even more popular at Pride March than the Dykes on Bikes.

      It was the second and final time Ms Nixon would lead a contingent of uniformed officers in the march, which is now in its 14th year and celebrates Victoria's gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex community.

      The first time she marched, in 2002, it drew controversy. This time, it was celebrated.
      "Christine doing the things that she's done, particularly marching in 2002 quite against her critics, does a hell of a lot to change attitudes and to help people understand that the gay community is simply part of our community," Pride March Victoria president Brett Hayhoe said.
      At the end of the march, Ms Nixon briefly addressed the crowd in the Catani Gardens, to cries of "I love you Christine!" and endless applause.

      "This is a wonderful occasion. You are wonderful people. I can't thank you enough for the kindness and support you've given me — unquestioningly you've been there and you've supported me and it's a great pleasure to be here as part of this community," she said.
      About 30 officers, who marched with her, smiled as her words were drowned out by the cheers — and as she came out for a second appearance, by popular demand.

      Friends Zoe Kneebone, Liana Sliwczynski and Chris Steck were among those who crowded the chief commissioner after she left the stage, taking photographs, getting autographs and, for one exuberant fan, stealing a kiss on the cheek.

      "One guy who got in before me said, 'Thanks for making the force more accessible' — and she's done that, not just for the gay community but the wider community as well," Ms Kneebone said.
      About 100 groups took part in the march, with an estimated 4000 people participating. Also marching yesterday were Attorney-General Rob Hulls, Housing Minister Richard Wynne and Health Minister Daniel Andrews.

      (story by Dewi Cooke taken from

      Adz was on the street for the Pride Parade and had a moment with Christine Nixon. Click here to listen.