Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lesbian Erotica Anthology

Its time for the Australian Queer community to push it's boundaries to the erotic arena. So what is the best thing to have on the menu? A Banquet! But not that kind you order at a restaurant or eat off a plate.

Presenting BanQuet Press - a feast of new writing by Australian Queer ♀: with an anthology of new short fiction, non fictioin, photographs, comic arts and graphics to be launched next year. With its contemporary, edgy material that showcases the artistic talents of our unique LGBTIQ community - this publication requires no side dish but definately will entice many a course of dessert.

The Editorial Team behind the publication consists of Deanne Carson and Laura Dettori, both holding national qualifications in professional writing.

They join The Hump Day Crew and tell them about the anthology - click here

To enter, you must identify as Australian Queer and submit only original, unpublished material exclusively for this publication. Submission guidelines can be received through emailing

Even The Hump Day Crew had a go at entering some literary pieces....although it may not be appearing in any form of publication anytime soon.

Click here for some "inspiration."

To submit your writing or graphic piece to BanQuet, email Submission Deadline is June 1, 2009


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. You're right, we seem to lack a high level of good quality graphic arts within the gay and lesbian community. There is some, but we could certainly do with more. Chookas with the project.

akiss2desire said...

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