Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sean Tyas

New York born DJ Sean Tyas loves Melbourne - so much in fact that he has adimanantly stated that it his favourite place in the world to perform at AND named a song after our city. He has also alerted us to an apparent signature Melbourne move in the Trance culture - "The Melbourne Shuffle."

He explains to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew just exactly what this "Melbourne Shuffle," is -
Click here

Now residing in Switzerland, Tyas has been in the industry for just under 10 years, starting out as a producer and having remixed major artists like Christina Aguilera, Pink and Moby to name a few - all that in his first six years!

He chats to Ginni about what made him become a DJ and his future plans - click here

Sean has performed in over 30 countries, spreading across 5 continents but hopes to take 2009 as an opportunity to develop his skills as a production artist. He will be back in Melbourne, Good Friday, playing his amazing beats.

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