Monday, August 31, 2009

HDC Global Community - Zak Mbhele talks about Johannesburg Pride

South Africa is the only country in Africa allowing gay marriage and is neighboured by countries that still have strict laws forbidding homosexuality. The country itself is also a blend on contradictions. One may assume that they have a tolerant, accepting government but this is not always the case. Regardless, Johannesburg Pride Festival is a key event in the South African gay calender.

To hear all about Joburg Pride, click here and enjoy the interview with Zak Mbhele.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Idol's New Judge Jay Dee Springbett

Born in the north of England, the son of a Vicar and the only non-musician in a very musical family, Jay Dee had a lot to prove when he made his way down to London. Touring Europe as a Drum & Bass MC in his late teens, he remained within the smoky clubs and pubs of the UK capital by managing bands throughout his early twenties.

Partnering up with management guru Jonathan Shalit (Charlotte Church, Jamelia), the world of British pop opened its doors to Jay Dee. Before long, he was at the helm of huge UK acts such as Big Brovaz, Artful Dodger, and Jamelia, enjoying chart and critical success across the board. Needless to say this time enabled Jay Dee to create a black book filled with international songwriter and producer contacts and connections.

In 2004, Jay Dee moved to Australia after a fateful meeting with Sony Music CEO Denis Handlin. Now Head of A&R Sony Music, he has signed and worked with some of the biggest names in Australian music including Rogue Traders, Jessica Mauboy, Karnivool, and Cassie Davis to name a few.

His next adventure is as Australian Idol's newest judge after a certain somebody got more truth than they bargained for with a lie detector.

So who is this mystery man we know little about?

Click here to listen to the Hump Day Crew have a bit of a poke and a prod of Jay Dee.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

HDC Global Community - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Welcome to Buenos Aires! In this city you will find a mix between the elegance of the Europe capitals and the spirit of South America . The city was founded by immigrants that came mostly in the XIX century from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK, etc. Visiting Buenos Aires, you will experience a sort of "deja vĂ¹" of Europe while you explore the grand boulevards, expansive parks, magnificent architecture, and ever-changing fashion of Argentina's beautiful capital.

Buenos Aires is becoming a popular gay travel destination. Is probably one of the most open-minded cities in Latin America. It has also an European feel, but very cheap because of the crisis. The guys are very hot, a mix of Italian, some Spaniards, German, French, English.

In recent years there has been huge progress with several anti-discrimination and gay rights laws being passed. In 1996 measures forbidding discrimination on the basis of amongst other things sexual orientation were introduced, making Buenos Aires the first Spanish-speaking city in Latin America to do so. In 2002 same sex civil unions were approved in Buenos Aires.

To hear first hand about Argentina have a listen to the following two interviews.

Alfredo Ferreyra is the National Ambassador for Argentina for IGLTA (The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Assoc.). Click here to listen to his interview.

For more information, please visit and

Gustavo Burgos is a travel guide in Argentina who help gay visitors enjoy their time in Buenos Aires. Click here to listen to his interview.

You can visit Gustavo's site at

Alan Brough - Joins The Hump Day Crew to talk about his play Chesapeake

Written by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright Lee Blessing, The Store Room’s production of Chesapeake marks the first ever staging of Blessing’s work in Australia.

Art. Politics. Dogs. Chesapeake is a magical tale about a bisexual performance artist from New York, a conservative Southern politician and a dog that unites their fates forever. It’s a one-man play about the role of the arts and rolls in the dirt. Bringing Blessing’s trenchantly funny, agitprop romp to the stage are actor Alan Brough and director Todd MacDonald.

Alan Brough is well known on TVs Spicks and Specks amoungst other things, but what you may not know that Alan was once New Zealands most famous Transvestite....really?!?!

Alan joins The Hump Day Crew in the studio to talk through his up coming show and more about that strange role he had on Kiwi TV.

Listen here for the full interview with Alan Brough

Get along to see Alan in Chesapeake
Venue: The Store Room
Address: 1st Floor Parkview Hotel, Cnr Scotchmer St & St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy
Dates: Wed 19 August – Sun 13 September
Time: 8pm Tues-Sat, 6pm Sunday

Bookings: or +61 3 9639 0096

Ralph the Penguin gets a Tailored Wetsuit!!

The Hump Day Crew has a real thing about Penguins at the moment and maybe it's Ginni's bird fettish or The Bish's love of rubber.....who can tell!?! This week they discuss the crazy new trend in the Penguin world of wetsuits or is it the strange going things happening in the UK???

Listen here to get their take on RUBBER, PENGUINS and the SCIENCE around it!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jill Bennett

Although she is ranked in the Top 40 in's sexiest women in the world according to women, Jill Bennett has continually proven she is more than just a pretty face, encompassing talent, passion and most of all, a true drive to ensure the well being of the LGBT community. Originally from Fort Wayne in the state of Indiana, Jill is an out lesbian actress in Hollywood with a career spanning over ten years.

Bennett currently producers and stars in two webseries, "The Violet Underground," and the new series, "The Gloves Are Off." Both are featured on and see Bennett heavily involved in connecting the LGBT community with not only her own life and it's happenings but also tackles anything from entertainment, polictics and social activism.

And Then Came Lola

The latest film project Bennett is involved in. The image of And Then Came Lola (pictured left) was banned by facebook and caused some controversy. However, the World Premier of the film at San Fransico's Castro Theatre saw three blocks worth of people lining up in hope of scoring a rush ticket miss out. The film also played to Full Houses at QFest in Philadelphia and Los Angeles' Outfest. The film is loosely insipred by the art house classic Run, Lola, Run. Bennett stars as Casey, the girlfriend of Loladescribed in this "sexy, lesbian romp,"Fingers crossed that this movie will be hitting our MQFF shores next year!

The Gloves Are Off
Her new series, 'The Gloves Are Off," stars Bennett alongside girlfriend Cathy DeBuono, is an hour of live amd uncensored talk, gossip and provocative debate. It airs on Friday 12pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on - you can even call in on the show!

We Have To Stop Now

Following the success of the first season, Jill Bennett stars alongside Cathy DeBuono and Susanne Westenhoefer in the web series "We Have To Stop Now" which delves into the lives of two lesbian therapists struggling to manage the dynamics of their relationship due to the constant scrutiny received from the success of their book "How To Succeed In Marriage Without Trying."

Portions of Season Two will be filmed on the inaugural Sweet Caribbean Cruise in November this year where Jill will be featured as a special guest with over 2,000 lesbians at sea in the Western Carribean.

Jill Bennett's take on Lesbian Vs Dyke (Quite convincing if I may say so myself!)

Remember the NO H8 Campaign featured on The Hump Day Crew in June? Along with The Hump Day Crew, a plathorea of Melbourne and International Celebrities, Jill Bennett got involved too. Show your support by visiting the NO H8 Website and submitting your photo.

The lovely Jill Bennett joins Ginni and The Bish from The Hump Day Crew and talks about And Then Came Lola, the new Webseries "The Gloves Are Off," and the wonderful world of "Blogosphere."

Download Podcast Here

Erin Foley - Taking Comedy Central

If there is one thing that is undeniable about Erin Foley is that she is one funny lady. One would hope that that would be the case if you were a comedian, but it is not only in her comedy that Foley's talent lies - it is the combination of grace and style that has her encapsulating audiences.

Having peformed to many audiences around the US including New York City's comedy club circuit and now Los Angeles, Foley is scene on stage in avrious Comedy Festivals and on the small screen on several TV commercials.

Erin Foley in Action

Watch Erin Foley in Comedy | View More Free Videos Online at

Bringing Sexy Back

She is also an advocate for quite a revolutionary product for all kinds of women. If it is one thing that this product is capable of is brigning sexy back. Ladies, your prayers have been answered with the all in one bra and pant solution...Brants. It's the new phase that is spreading all over the world.

That's Brants! from Karey Dornetto on Vimeo.

Download the podcast of Erin Foley chatting to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew about accidently finding herself in a career of comedy, brants and the possibility of her hitting Australian shores next year.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Fit Are Your Hump Day Crew?

The Hump Day Crew endeavour to ensure that you have a pleasant start to your Hump Day Wednesday, so the weekend bliss doesn't seem so far away - but how fit are we to do this? How fit are The Hump Day Crew in general?

Personal Trainers Luke Taylor and Brodie Whitmore from Fitness First South Yarra hauled in gym equipment to the Joy Studios to conduct "Bio Age" assessments on The Hump Day Crew. The Bio Age assessment (as seen on The Biggest Loser) is used as a measure of the health, fitness, stress and nutrition levels in your life and how these can be improved - it is effectively your fitness age.

Watch the gruelling exercises Adz, Ginni and Bish were put through in the morning above.

There are many benefits to adopting a "healthier" lifestyle whether it be through joining a gym or signing up to a Personal Trainer - what may start out as the urge to lose weight or tone muscle is an external process that triggers a deeper internal process. Click here to listen to the podcast of The Hump Day Crew's Bio Age assessments and to hear the final results.

The Hump Day Crew's Bio Age Results

South Yarra Fitness First, located in the heart of Chapel St, is not only a well equipped gym with first class facilities and classes but is local to the GLBTIQ community.

To all who mention this segment on The Hump Day Crew by Sunday August 16th, Ashley Finnan is offering a Free One Week Membership - head down to Fitness First South Yarra at 1/402 Chapel St. For all Personal Trainer enquires, phone Brodie on 03 9090 4910

Visit Luke Taylor's personal website at

Dr Jim Nasium - Your Health and Fitness Expert

As The Hump Day Crew were challenged to test their
fitness levels and exactly how old their bodies are biologically, they called upon the expert advice of Dr. Jim Nasium, Health and Fitness Expert from the National Instituion of Health and Fitness Experimental Laboratory. Using Adz as his "lab rat," Jim commentated on the tests conducted on Adz, highlight his expertise.

For exclusive Health and Fitness tips: Download them here.

Dr Jim Nasium also goes by the alias of Dr Sean Fabri - from Victoria's leading improvisation company, Impro Melbourne. Check out their hilarious Theatresports season kicking off on Sunday September 20 at Theatreworks. For more details, hit

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pinkalicious: Celebrating in Style

It's the femme party of everyone's lips - especially over the past four weeks - Pinkalicious. The stylish lesbian party is to kick off it's first official party after the VCAT ruling last month placing it as Australia's first female only event.

And to continue the style and the fun times it has been over the past 10 months on the Melbourne Club scene, the stylish femme and chic party is set to move venues to the shores of Port Melbourne to the Cocktail Bar - Sloaney Pony.

Hostess Julie Mackenzie joins The Hump Day Crew and speaks about the drink specials, pleasurettes and hot happenings on the night. Download podcast here

Pinkalicious is on this Saturday, August 15 at Sloaney Pony.
1 Crockford St, Port Melbourne.

For ticketing info - hit

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rod Quantock says Bugger The Polar Bears, This Is Serious

Global Warming is at the front of everyone's mind and in every newspaper...isn't it? Or is it starting to loose it's buzz? The fact remains that Climate Change is going to continue to affect human existence and it's not going to go away by itself. We need change. Big change. And Rod Quantock is using his comic talent to re-awake people's awareness of the seriousness. As he says “If climate change doesn’t scare you shitless, then you just don’t get the science.”

Fortunately Rod does get the science. And when he gives you his take on the physics, chemistry, biology, geology, palaeontology, cosmology and meteorology of climate science you’ll get it too. And then… you’ll be scared shitless!

Rod, as always, has done his homework. He’s talked to leading climate scientists. He’s read the reports and watched the documentaries. He has taken the news stories big and small and joined the dots: worst fires, longest droughts, most devastating storms, mass extinctions, ice caps melting, polar bears drowning…

“I hate polar bears,” Rod said. “Why is climate change always about polar bears? Who’s their agent? It’s not like they’re the only ones who’ll be extinct. Chances are we will all be extinct!

“Victoria will be a smouldering, waterless wasteland. No more Boxing Day Test or Spring Racing Carnival. Further north monsoons, disease, storms and sea level rise will devastate coastlines and that AFL team on the Gold Coast will be exposed as the short-sighted folly it always was,” Rod said.

If we continue to fiddle at the emissions fringe optimists predict only two billion people will left by the end of the century, down from a peak of nine billion in 2050. That’s 7,000,000,000 people gone in 50 years!

If you don’t want to be one of them then it’s time to take climate sides! And if you don’t know what side to be on you owe it to yourself to see Bugger the polar bears, this is serious - arguably the most important show in what’s left of human history.

Rod blends comedy with the facts (he fill 3 blackboards with very important data) and is a must see. He is also talking to schools and other groups so if you are in a position to get Rod to talk to your group, don't miss out!

Click here to listen to Rod Quantock on JOY 94.9.

Venue: New Ballroom, Trades Hall, corner of Lygon & Victoria Streets, Carlton (entrance off Lygon Street)
Dates: July 21 to August 15 (not Sundays or Mondays), Previews July 21 & 22
Tickets: Previews $25.00, Full $35.00, Concession $25.00, Groups (6 or more) $30.00.
Time: 8.00 PM (120 minutes, including interval)
Bookings: Online - Phone - Ticketmaster 136-100 OR At the door

For more information on Rod Quantock, please visit

Friday, August 7, 2009

HDC Global Community - Andre Smith in South Africa

South Africa has a diverse history when it comes to the legal and social status of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as a result of traditional South African mores, western imperialism, Apartheid and the human rights movement that contributed to the down fall of apartheid. South Africa's post-apartheid constitution was the first in the world to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, and on 1 December 2006 South Africa made history by becoming the fifth country in the world and first in Africa to legalise same-sex marriage. One year later an equal age of consent was achieved; after long and lengthy debate and a complete overhaul of sexual offences legislation, consent was gender-neutralized at 16.

To find out more about gay life in South Africa we chatted with the gorgeous and charming Andre Smith (pictured). Click here to listen to the interview.

When in Johannesburg, make sure you party at Ramp Divas. See

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dj Havana Brown - Australia's Master Mixtress

In an increasingly male-dominated industry, Melbourne's very own Havana Brown is not only conquering the mixing scene here in Australia, but is developing quite a name on the International scene as the Master Mixtress.

Having just returned from Europe after touring with Britney Speares on her Circus Tour, Havana is no stranger to supporting big names. The last 12 months have seen Havana featuring in some of the biggest concerts in 2008-09 such as Chris Brown and Rhianna, The Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga, not to mention being signed to Universal Music.

Already onto her second compilation of "Crave Vol.2," Brown came into the JOY studios relaxed, and was surprisingly a great morning person for a Disc Jockey! Her 3 disc compilation of RnB/Hip Hop tunes showcases the best aspects, artists and tunes that epitomize the genre. Crave Vol. 2 features club thumpers from Timbaland and Kelly Rowland, soulful sounds of Alicia Keys and the old skool classics of Montell Jordan and Mary J Blidge.

To celebrate the release of Havana Brown's "Crave Vol.2," - The Hump Day Crew and Brown's manager Vince concocted a list of foods Havana craves herself. These were:
  • Twix
  • Tim Tams
  • Kit Kat
  • Natural Confectionary Lollies
  • Green apples with salt
  • McDonald's Cheeseburgers
  • Hungry Jacks Whoopers
  • Bolognese
  • Chilli

    Using these foods, The Hump Day Crew wanted to make a special mix for Havana....and make her eat them...with her eyes closed.

    After joining The Hump Day Crew in the studios, it is clear Havana Brown is one brave chick!

Havana Brown joined The Hump Day Crew and spoke of the amazing 12 months she has had being signed to Universal, touring with some of the worlds most sought after acts and takes on The Hump Day Crew's 101 questions - Download podcast here

Grab your copy of Crave Vol.2 is out now to all good music stores or visit