Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Fit Are Your Hump Day Crew?

The Hump Day Crew endeavour to ensure that you have a pleasant start to your Hump Day Wednesday, so the weekend bliss doesn't seem so far away - but how fit are we to do this? How fit are The Hump Day Crew in general?

Personal Trainers Luke Taylor and Brodie Whitmore from Fitness First South Yarra hauled in gym equipment to the Joy Studios to conduct "Bio Age" assessments on The Hump Day Crew. The Bio Age assessment (as seen on The Biggest Loser) is used as a measure of the health, fitness, stress and nutrition levels in your life and how these can be improved - it is effectively your fitness age.

Watch the gruelling exercises Adz, Ginni and Bish were put through in the morning above.

There are many benefits to adopting a "healthier" lifestyle whether it be through joining a gym or signing up to a Personal Trainer - what may start out as the urge to lose weight or tone muscle is an external process that triggers a deeper internal process. Click here to listen to the podcast of The Hump Day Crew's Bio Age assessments and to hear the final results.

The Hump Day Crew's Bio Age Results

South Yarra Fitness First, located in the heart of Chapel St, is not only a well equipped gym with first class facilities and classes but is local to the GLBTIQ community.

To all who mention this segment on The Hump Day Crew by Sunday August 16th, Ashley Finnan is offering a Free One Week Membership - head down to Fitness First South Yarra at 1/402 Chapel St. For all Personal Trainer enquires, phone Brodie on 03 9090 4910

Visit Luke Taylor's personal website at

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