Monday, June 29, 2009

Kyan Douglas - The Gorgeous Grooming Guy

He claims his lethal weapon to luring the opposite sex is "concealer, eye cream and light hair spray." Although it has the potential to lure both sexes, these were some of the key products that have continued to place Kyan Douglas' Queer Eye For The Straight Guy status of Grooming Guru.

The Author of, "Beautified," - secrets for women to look great and feel fabulous; delves into hair hints, skin secrets, make up musts and a chapter dedicated to refreshen your spirit. Though grooming is a process which in one way can be defined as superficial, Douglas takes a deeper approach to it - "a nudge on the exterior [can] start a deeper process of internal change," and coaxing Currently, he has an idea for another book for women and their daughters.

His last television project was hosting the last season of Ten Years Younger - a series that helped people who have aged be guided back on track - whether it be through helping them with vision and dental issues or light cosmetics.

Kyan's work has also opened up philanthropic avenues. He has a personal interest in marrige equality and returned from the Marriage Equality rally in Fresno, CA along with Michelle Clunie. He also managed to meet and talk with Cleve Jones (part of Harvey Milk's campaign and leading figure in gay civil rights movements) - started the Aids Quilt which has gone around the US and the world.

A self professed perpetual student - Douglas is a believer in the healing arts, pilates and Kundalini Yoga - a yoga which involves dynamic moving poses and is aimed at raising ones consciousness and has been beneficial amongst his travelling.

Kyan chats to Adz, Ginni and The Bish from The Hump Day Crew about his personal philosophy on using grooming as the step to conditioning a better version of yourself, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, travelling and even has some tips for the "non groomers."

Gina Glass - The Classy Creator

A few Hollywood actors have dubbed this lady, "Gina Class," - and given her demeanour and attitude, it is no surprise as to why. However, she already had us when she told us she loved Australia and JOY FM!

Glass has published two novels, The Rockstar being one of them but her first novel, "Spitfire," has been quite popular across all cultures, though it is a lesbian storyline about a love between a firefighter and a doctor. The title came about when Glass was in a Melissa Ethridge chatroom to where she was talking to a firefighter with an email with "spitfire," in the username. Three months later in between work in her truck and with her horses, Glass wrote and published the novel. As she writes quite descriptively and visually, her fans wanted more than what they were receiving from the pages. Spitfire is in the process of being turned into a feature film which stars Cathy DeBuono (guest on last week's show) and Marnie Alton and will hopefully be completed by early next year.

From an Italian family, where everybody is in the kitchen, encompassed with an insomniac moment at 3am - Glass came up with the inspiration for her latest project, "Dishin' It Up." The webisode series is hosted by out comedian, Erin Foley and features special guest stars bringing a favourite home recipe to cook. Some of the guests include - Thea Gill & Peter Paige (Queer As Folk) and Elizabeth Keener (The L Word)

Of course, it wouldn't be a Hump Day Crew interview with playing a game with our guests - so Adz challenges Gina's creative writing skills by asking her to describe "going grocery shopping in a vegetable store with an attractive girl." Listen to Gina Glass' improvised short story.

It was a pleasure chatting to such a classy, dedicated and geniunely sincere lady such as Gina Glass. We're crossing everything in hope for Spitfire to be bought to the MQFF next year!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Robert Gant - Ben Bruckner from Queer As Folk

ADZ: I am in FITS AND STARTS, Ginni! You may need to SAVE ME!!!

GINNI: Me too! I am so excited! Adz…I want you to KISS ME DEADLY!

ADZ: That’s not part of THE CONTRACT! For one, I am QUEER AS FOLK and THE CLOSER we work together; the less room for PERSONAL AFFAIRS. Plus, given the STATE OF THE UNION these days, I’d like to keep my job.

GINNI: I know, I’m sorry I had such a RUDE AWAKENING. I’m just excited bout our next guest – he’s like a SPECIAL DELIVERY for The Hump Day Crew, and never in MY WILDEST DREAMS did I think a man would put me on a FANTASY ISLAND.

ADZ: Well he is POPULAR with the ladies…and the gents but best we take this interview LIVE, STEP BY STEP

GINNI: So, leave CAROLINE IN THE CITY and TEACHING MRS TINGLE for later date because we have a V.I.P entry into The Hump Day Crew – he is a man of STYLE AND SUBSTANCE – Hello Robert Gant!

Robert Gant joined the Queer As Folk cast as Ben Bruckner in Season 2 as he walked into Michael Novotny's comic book store and into his life. Through the show his character explores issues related to HIV/AIDS as well as getting married in Season 4 and adopting a son, Hunter.

Watching footage of Robert Gant (as himself), you get the sense that he is an individual who is well balanced, appealing and happy to share his knowledge as a student of the world. We found this, and more to be true as we spoke to him.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Janina Gavankar - Papi from The L Word

Though we know her best as Papi from The L Word, Janina Gavankar is an all round talent.

She is of mixed Indian and Dutch decent and daughter of a "genius dude," - with her father inventing various machinery and gadgets. A trained pianist, vocalist and orechestral percussionist, Gavankar carries a major in Theatre Performance.

A self confessed geek and serial gamer, Gavankar is one of the leaders in the new generation of South East Asian actors. She has been paving the way so well that she was nominated for an Asian Excellence Award in 2008.

Recently, she hosted the ACME comedy show which is one of LA's First Rate Sketch Comedies.

After finishing up on S4 of The L Word, Gavankar collaborated with producer Deep - who started a musical avenue for artists called Indiaudio which showcases Indian artists outside the Bollywood genre. Teaming up with Pratichee Mohapatra and Navraaz, along came the single "Tell Me What."

She has two episodes airing later this month on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and Benjamin Bratt's The Cleaner.

Janina joins Adz and Ginni from The Hump Day Crew and covers a plathorea of topics...which involve a hell of a lot of laughing. She is one funny, charismatic and entertaining lady! Also find out what she would do if she were a fish and how well she can change a washer on a tap.

Cathy DeBuono - Redefining "hero"

I've always had huge respect and admiration for people who show true committment and dedication to reaching out to people who feel isolated - in hope to make the world seem a little less daunting; to ensure that there is a place where we feel we belong and are understood.

There are many hats Cathy DeBuono wears - among them are actress, mentor, speaker, producer and therapist....but one she does wear (probably unknowingly) is the one of hero.

Graduting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, some of Cathy's credits include Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Chicago Hope, Tremble and Spark and The Pretender. After taking a break from acting, DeBuono completed her masters in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her return to acting saw her play the lead role as Risa in the award winning LGBT film, Out At The Wedding. She has also starred in Michelle Paradise's LOGO series, "Exes and Ohs."

One of her most recent projects involves Cathy teaming up with fellow actor and partner Jill Bennet - We Have To Stop Now - a web series that progresses LGBT storylines to the next level and delves into the lives of two therapists in therapy.

Cathy currently stars in And Then Came Lola which had it's World Premier Sold Out on June 19th and left an impression of raving reviews.

Where the "hero" hat comes in place is when she began putting her masters in Clinical phychology to action. Cathy started to stream her vlog - "What's Your Problem," orginally on and it was voted Best Lesbian Vlog.Ever. It was a show streamed online designed to be kept in the entertainment realm but at the same time offer people interactivity and insight. Cathy had received letters from all over the world from places including Iran, Japan and Phillipines; all with a common thread - many gay people felt completly isolated and scared due to personal, cultural and religious differences that were present throughout their lives. DeBuono wanted to provide these women a place to go where they could interact and move away from their isolation and feel supported. Hence, she set up The Cathy DeBuono Network (CDB Network) with chatrooms, forums and live streams of Cathy at particular events.

"I couldn't help this people with one single video blog. I wanted to give people a place to go. If one person can go there and feel less alone in the world....than it's worth it."

The members of the CDB Network have named themselves the CDB Crew and anyone who feels isolated and wishes to be around people who understand and be supportive are encouraged to join. Visit

Adz and I had the pleasure of talking to Cathy DeBuono where we were told about some of the success stories that have come about as a result of one person actively deciding to make a difference. Perhaps the biggest gift you can give any individual is the key to self love and the knowledge that they are understood.

By definition, a "hero," is someone who fights for a cause and comes to the aid of those who seek help or guidance. At times we all do need a hero. And it looks like we may have found one.

HDC Global Community - Proud FM's Shaun Proulx - Toronto Pride

Proud FM is Toronto's GLBT radio station and the first in the world to be a commercial station. — all earlier LGBT radio stations, such as Joy 94.9 in Australia, Radio Rosa in Denmark and SIRIUS OutQ on satellite radio, were operated by community non-profit groups or aired on non-traditional radio platforms.

Shaun Proulx is Proud's Drive Presenter and is always up for an entertaining chat with the Hump Day Crew having earlier been involved in a two way broadcast where the same interview was being broadcast live in Toronto and Melbourne and Shaun and the Crew compared cultural notes realising that Australia must do better in the Olympics because Canadians spend too much time at Gay Weddings!

Toronto Pride is 19th-28th of June, 2009 and Shaun chatted to The Hump Day Crew about what can be expected...with the Pride Festival promoting the opportunity to come and get married to international visitors.

Click here to listen to their chat.

To find out more about the Shaun Proulx show and Proud FM, please visit

Monday, June 22, 2009

DJ M.A.F.I.A - a class act foe shizzle

With a name like "M.A.F.I.A," - one would think you would find this DJ playing in the heart of Lygon St. However, DJ Mafia is one of the most prominent RnB/Hip Hop DJ's not only in the LGBT scene, but the entire Melbourne community.

Mafia has supported stellar Hip Hop acts, recently including De La Soul.

But little do we know that Mafia accidently stumbled across her name and is not indicitive or her gender, culture and defies any connotations. Her real name was misread by a police officer and since then, she has been known as Mafia. Talk about a story for the grandkids.

A former VCA student, Mafia's passion started out in the performing arts but eventually grew a love for music to where she landed her current music playing gig and is a honcho for Sneaker Freaker.

She chats to Ginni from The Hump Day Crew - during Club Thumpin' - a RnB/Hip Hop during Joy FM's Friday Night Frequency.

Download the podcast here

Catch her at these various Residences across Melbourne.

Hoochie Mama @ Alia


Late Show @ Revolver


N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S @ RoBarta

For more information - hit

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michelle Paradise - Crossing our Exes and Ohs

If there was anyone who could fit the ideal description for Hollywood's Do It Yourself woman - it is Michelle Paradise.

Not only is she the executive producer and writer of her own television series, but also the lead actor in Exes and Ohs - which is now entering its second season in US & Canada's only LGBT commercial television network - Logo.

Every lesbian growing up could use some guidelines on what to expect from the dating game - so here's a tip; watch The Ten Rules - a short film which is Paradise's unique take on the strange but very true world of lesbian dating. The fascinating thing is, though these ten rules were created in Northern California, they apply to almost all lesbian communities worldwide.

The film collected nearly a dozen awards and played in over 60 festivals worldwide. It was then picked up by MTV Networked own channel - Logo as a possible series. The channel's executives loved the pilot and Exes and Ohs first season was given the green light to air in 2007. It is the first comedy series centred around LGBT themes to air on television.

The series was recently nominated as "Best Comedy Series,"at the GLAAD media awards alongside some huge names including Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives.

Michelle Paradise joins The Hump Day Crew just after L.A Pride and talks about her series of Exes and Ohs and her idea for World Domination before Madonna.

The first season of Exes and Ohs is available on DVD and will hopefully be distributed to our Australian shores - check out

Find out more about Michelle Paradise at

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Impro Melbourne Slave Auction

Impro Melbourne offer up The Hump Day Crew in a Slave Auction for the JOY 94.9 Radiothon! Those crazy guys Mike and Sean from Impro Melbourne use their quick wit and wacky commentary to "sell" Adz, Ginni and The Bish to three lucky new members.

What sort of special skills and features do each member of The Hump Day Crew have??

Listen to the descriptive and hilarious Slave Auction here

To find out more about Impro Melbourne check out their website

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matt Werkmeister

Good Friend of the Hump Day Crew Matt Werkmeister (Zeke in TV Show Neighbours) is nervous about meeting Lily Allen when she makes a guest appearance on the show.

So the Hump Day Crew set him out with a challenge. Here is how he went...

No H8 Campaign

Since the passage of Proposition 8; the banning of same sex marriage in the state of California was passed in November last year, reknown photographer - Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley formed a silent protest in the form of a photo project -The No H8 Campaign. The photos feature subjects with their mouths covered in duct tape to symbolise voices being unheard and the words "No H8" painted on their cheek. Parshley and Bouska have released a series of PSA's and have compiled a collection to over a total of 700 photos which they hope to one day include in a billboard to drive further awareness.

Adam Bouska

Download Podcast Here

Jeff Parshley
Model/Film maker

Download Podcast here

To show our support for our brothers and sisters in the US, The Hump Day Crew gathered local community figures at the Joy 94.9 studios such as Byron Adu (Mr Gay Australia), Anthony Menchetti (Comedian), Kirk Goodsell (Weekly G host), Shirley Davis (Deepface) Kaye Sera and Julie Mackenzie (Pinkalicious) plus other Joy presenters and a bevy of beauties for a photo shoot led by the creative talents of our photographer Tim Tam.

You too can also show your support by submitting a photo. All you need is a white v neck t-shirt, duct tape, black and red face paint and a white background. Then, submit your photo to

For more information, visit

Cameron Deal - Talks to the Hump Day Crew about the property market and how to be prepared

Cameron Deal chats with The Hump Day Crew about the best websites to use when looking at suitable properties, locations and local ammeneties. How should you best prepare for an Auction..whether you are buying or selling?

To listen to the full interview with The Hump Day Crew and Cameron Deal Click Here

For further information contact Cameron Deal at or view

Going Totally Wild With Natalie Hunter

The Hump Day Crew go Totally Wild as host Natalie Hunter stops to chat with Ginni and The Bish about exploring the behind the scenes set of daytime soap, Neighbours.

Hunter started her career in media as a news reader in regional radio and also appeared in the hit Aussie drama Stingers.

With co host Colin Thrupp, the two hosts are taken through what life is like on the show by exploring the internal sets, sitting in the hair and make up chairs as well as staging their own auditions which highlight their musical talents.

From Tuesday to Friday this week, catch Natalie and Colin on the Neighbours set with Sam Clark (Ringo Brown) from 7:30am.

She chats to Ginni & The Bish about her fear of birds and going behing the scenes of Cirque Du Soleil's Dralion.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gay Dads Victoria - Surrogacy Forum

The Hump Day Crew chat to Rodney from Gay Dads Victoria about the upcoming Forum on Gay Surrogacy, his personal story of the birth of his son Ethan in America and much more around surrogacy.

To find out more about this group visit their website

Click here to listen to the full interview!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Tribute to The Cast of Queer As Folk

During Gay May The Hump Day Crew spoke with 7 of the cast from the TV Series Queer As Folk. You can find each interview on this blog but click here to enjoy the high lights of interviews with Scott Lowell, Sharon Gless, Peter Paige, Thea Gill, Michelle Clunie, Robert Gant and Hal Sparks.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Morning of Dance - SYTYCD Judge Jason Coleman and Top 10 Finalist, Melbourne's Penny Higgs

She can dance!
In to a trance
Even prance!
So take a chance
Check out those pants!
Are they from France?
Hey, who killed Kenny?
There were many?
Now in the studio , is it Jenny?
Maybe Benny, Denny or Kenny, Lenny or Henny?
No it’s Penny!
Penny Higgs from SYTYCD 2009 joined the Hump Day Crew this morniong to talk about her experience on the show, the life of a dancer and injuries and the upcoming SYTYCD Tour.

She is an honest soul who likes to relax by drinking coffee! Maybe that explains the contagious laugh that still can be heard in our ears hours after she left the studio.

Jason Coleman can always be trusted for his honest feedback as a judge on SYTYCD. And what does her do when he is not on TV? Drink cocktails by a pool? No, he works at many other projects including his massive dance school Ministry of Dance her in North Melbourne

Click here to listen to Penny & Jason with The Hump Day Crew.

We also challenged Penny to take Ginni on in a dance off. Watch the result below:

Click here to book tickets for the SYTYCD Concert.

Visit to find out all about this year's Australian Dance Awards.

You can visit the Ministry of Dance website at