Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Janina Gavankar - Papi from The L Word

Though we know her best as Papi from The L Word, Janina Gavankar is an all round talent.

She is of mixed Indian and Dutch decent and daughter of a "genius dude," - with her father inventing various machinery and gadgets. A trained pianist, vocalist and orechestral percussionist, Gavankar carries a major in Theatre Performance.

A self confessed geek and serial gamer, Gavankar is one of the leaders in the new generation of South East Asian actors. She has been paving the way so well that she was nominated for an Asian Excellence Award in 2008.

Recently, she hosted the ACME comedy show which is one of LA's First Rate Sketch Comedies.

After finishing up on S4 of The L Word, Gavankar collaborated with producer Deep - who started a musical avenue for artists called Indiaudio which showcases Indian artists outside the Bollywood genre. Teaming up with Pratichee Mohapatra and Navraaz, along came the single "Tell Me What."

She has two episodes airing later this month on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and Benjamin Bratt's The Cleaner.

Janina joins Adz and Ginni from The Hump Day Crew and covers a plathorea of topics...which involve a hell of a lot of laughing. She is one funny, charismatic and entertaining lady! Also find out what she would do if she were a fish and how well she can change a washer on a tap.

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