Monday, June 29, 2009

Gina Glass - The Classy Creator

A few Hollywood actors have dubbed this lady, "Gina Class," - and given her demeanour and attitude, it is no surprise as to why. However, she already had us when she told us she loved Australia and JOY FM!

Glass has published two novels, The Rockstar being one of them but her first novel, "Spitfire," has been quite popular across all cultures, though it is a lesbian storyline about a love between a firefighter and a doctor. The title came about when Glass was in a Melissa Ethridge chatroom to where she was talking to a firefighter with an email with "spitfire," in the username. Three months later in between work in her truck and with her horses, Glass wrote and published the novel. As she writes quite descriptively and visually, her fans wanted more than what they were receiving from the pages. Spitfire is in the process of being turned into a feature film which stars Cathy DeBuono (guest on last week's show) and Marnie Alton and will hopefully be completed by early next year.

From an Italian family, where everybody is in the kitchen, encompassed with an insomniac moment at 3am - Glass came up with the inspiration for her latest project, "Dishin' It Up." The webisode series is hosted by out comedian, Erin Foley and features special guest stars bringing a favourite home recipe to cook. Some of the guests include - Thea Gill & Peter Paige (Queer As Folk) and Elizabeth Keener (The L Word)

Of course, it wouldn't be a Hump Day Crew interview with playing a game with our guests - so Adz challenges Gina's creative writing skills by asking her to describe "going grocery shopping in a vegetable store with an attractive girl." Listen to Gina Glass' improvised short story.

It was a pleasure chatting to such a classy, dedicated and geniunely sincere lady such as Gina Glass. We're crossing everything in hope for Spitfire to be bought to the MQFF next year!

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DeeG said...

Thanks again "Crew" for another great interview. Gina is indeed classy and we can't wait for 'Spitfire' the movie.