Sunday, June 21, 2009

Michelle Paradise - Crossing our Exes and Ohs

If there was anyone who could fit the ideal description for Hollywood's Do It Yourself woman - it is Michelle Paradise.

Not only is she the executive producer and writer of her own television series, but also the lead actor in Exes and Ohs - which is now entering its second season in US & Canada's only LGBT commercial television network - Logo.

Every lesbian growing up could use some guidelines on what to expect from the dating game - so here's a tip; watch The Ten Rules - a short film which is Paradise's unique take on the strange but very true world of lesbian dating. The fascinating thing is, though these ten rules were created in Northern California, they apply to almost all lesbian communities worldwide.

The film collected nearly a dozen awards and played in over 60 festivals worldwide. It was then picked up by MTV Networked own channel - Logo as a possible series. The channel's executives loved the pilot and Exes and Ohs first season was given the green light to air in 2007. It is the first comedy series centred around LGBT themes to air on television.

The series was recently nominated as "Best Comedy Series,"at the GLAAD media awards alongside some huge names including Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives.

Michelle Paradise joins The Hump Day Crew just after L.A Pride and talks about her series of Exes and Ohs and her idea for World Domination before Madonna.

The first season of Exes and Ohs is available on DVD and will hopefully be distributed to our Australian shores - check out

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