Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Robert Gant - Ben Bruckner from Queer As Folk

ADZ: I am in FITS AND STARTS, Ginni! You may need to SAVE ME!!!

GINNI: Me too! I am so excited! Adz…I want you to KISS ME DEADLY!

ADZ: That’s not part of THE CONTRACT! For one, I am QUEER AS FOLK and THE CLOSER we work together; the less room for PERSONAL AFFAIRS. Plus, given the STATE OF THE UNION these days, I’d like to keep my job.

GINNI: I know, I’m sorry I had such a RUDE AWAKENING. I’m just excited bout our next guest – he’s like a SPECIAL DELIVERY for The Hump Day Crew, and never in MY WILDEST DREAMS did I think a man would put me on a FANTASY ISLAND.

ADZ: Well he is POPULAR with the ladies…and the gents but best we take this interview LIVE, STEP BY STEP

GINNI: So, leave CAROLINE IN THE CITY and TEACHING MRS TINGLE for later date because we have a V.I.P entry into The Hump Day Crew – he is a man of STYLE AND SUBSTANCE – Hello Robert Gant!

Robert Gant joined the Queer As Folk cast as Ben Bruckner in Season 2 as he walked into Michael Novotny's comic book store and into his life. Through the show his character explores issues related to HIV/AIDS as well as getting married in Season 4 and adopting a son, Hunter.

Watching footage of Robert Gant (as himself), you get the sense that he is an individual who is well balanced, appealing and happy to share his knowledge as a student of the world. We found this, and more to be true as we spoke to him.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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