Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No H8 Campaign

Since the passage of Proposition 8; the banning of same sex marriage in the state of California was passed in November last year, reknown photographer - Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley formed a silent protest in the form of a photo project -The No H8 Campaign. The photos feature subjects with their mouths covered in duct tape to symbolise voices being unheard and the words "No H8" painted on their cheek. Parshley and Bouska have released a series of PSA's and have compiled a collection to over a total of 700 photos which they hope to one day include in a billboard to drive further awareness.

Adam Bouska

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Jeff Parshley
Model/Film maker

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To show our support for our brothers and sisters in the US, The Hump Day Crew gathered local community figures at the Joy 94.9 studios such as Byron Adu (Mr Gay Australia), Anthony Menchetti (Comedian), Kirk Goodsell (Weekly G host), Shirley Davis (Deepface) Kaye Sera and Julie Mackenzie (Pinkalicious) plus other Joy presenters and a bevy of beauties for a photo shoot led by the creative talents of our photographer Tim Tam.

You too can also show your support by submitting a photo. All you need is a white v neck t-shirt, duct tape, black and red face paint and a white background. Then, submit your photo to

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