Monday, June 29, 2009

Kyan Douglas - The Gorgeous Grooming Guy

He claims his lethal weapon to luring the opposite sex is "concealer, eye cream and light hair spray." Although it has the potential to lure both sexes, these were some of the key products that have continued to place Kyan Douglas' Queer Eye For The Straight Guy status of Grooming Guru.

The Author of, "Beautified," - secrets for women to look great and feel fabulous; delves into hair hints, skin secrets, make up musts and a chapter dedicated to refreshen your spirit. Though grooming is a process which in one way can be defined as superficial, Douglas takes a deeper approach to it - "a nudge on the exterior [can] start a deeper process of internal change," and coaxing Currently, he has an idea for another book for women and their daughters.

His last television project was hosting the last season of Ten Years Younger - a series that helped people who have aged be guided back on track - whether it be through helping them with vision and dental issues or light cosmetics.

Kyan's work has also opened up philanthropic avenues. He has a personal interest in marrige equality and returned from the Marriage Equality rally in Fresno, CA along with Michelle Clunie. He also managed to meet and talk with Cleve Jones (part of Harvey Milk's campaign and leading figure in gay civil rights movements) - started the Aids Quilt which has gone around the US and the world.

A self professed perpetual student - Douglas is a believer in the healing arts, pilates and Kundalini Yoga - a yoga which involves dynamic moving poses and is aimed at raising ones consciousness and has been beneficial amongst his travelling.

Kyan chats to Adz, Ginni and The Bish from The Hump Day Crew about his personal philosophy on using grooming as the step to conditioning a better version of yourself, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, travelling and even has some tips for the "non groomers."

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