Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cathy DeBuono - Redefining "hero"

I've always had huge respect and admiration for people who show true committment and dedication to reaching out to people who feel isolated - in hope to make the world seem a little less daunting; to ensure that there is a place where we feel we belong and are understood.

There are many hats Cathy DeBuono wears - among them are actress, mentor, speaker, producer and therapist....but one she does wear (probably unknowingly) is the one of hero.

Graduting from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, some of Cathy's credits include Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Chicago Hope, Tremble and Spark and The Pretender. After taking a break from acting, DeBuono completed her masters in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her return to acting saw her play the lead role as Risa in the award winning LGBT film, Out At The Wedding. She has also starred in Michelle Paradise's LOGO series, "Exes and Ohs."

One of her most recent projects involves Cathy teaming up with fellow actor and partner Jill Bennet - We Have To Stop Now - a web series that progresses LGBT storylines to the next level and delves into the lives of two therapists in therapy.

Cathy currently stars in And Then Came Lola which had it's World Premier Sold Out on June 19th and left an impression of raving reviews.

Where the "hero" hat comes in place is when she began putting her masters in Clinical phychology to action. Cathy started to stream her vlog - "What's Your Problem," orginally on AfterEllen.com and it was voted Best Lesbian Vlog.Ever. It was a show streamed online designed to be kept in the entertainment realm but at the same time offer people interactivity and insight. Cathy had received letters from all over the world from places including Iran, Japan and Phillipines; all with a common thread - many gay people felt completly isolated and scared due to personal, cultural and religious differences that were present throughout their lives. DeBuono wanted to provide these women a place to go where they could interact and move away from their isolation and feel supported. Hence, she set up The Cathy DeBuono Network (CDB Network) with chatrooms, forums and live streams of Cathy at particular events.

"I couldn't help this people with one single video blog. I wanted to give people a place to go. If one person can go there and feel less alone in the world....than it's worth it."

The members of the CDB Network have named themselves the CDB Crew and anyone who feels isolated and wishes to be around people who understand and be supportive are encouraged to join. Visit http://cathydebuono.com/

Adz and I had the pleasure of talking to Cathy DeBuono where we were told about some of the success stories that have come about as a result of one person actively deciding to make a difference. Perhaps the biggest gift you can give any individual is the key to self love and the knowledge that they are understood.

By definition, a "hero," is someone who fights for a cause and comes to the aid of those who seek help or guidance. At times we all do need a hero. And it looks like we may have found one.


maverick said...

Hey really awesome interview guys! Big Cathy and Jill fan, do you know if they're bringing "And Then Came Lola" to Mardi Gras Film Fest next year? That would be soo cool!

Anonymous said...

I love Cathy DeBuono!

Anonymous said...

Cathy DeBuono is amazing!!!