Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special Host - Carl Riseley on The Hump Day Crew

Australia's answer to Harry Connick Jnr. is Carl Riseley...crooning and romancing the Australian audience with is jazzy tunes and smooth voice.

When you think of a jazz lifestyle you imagine late nights, dark and smokey rooms where people can chill and seduce...not the bright awakenings of the early morning sun as it crashes through the windows of a radio station perched amongst the skyscrapers of Melbourne, people rushing from the beds to showers to cars and trains, coffee and breakfast in hand. However this week Carl dragged himself out of bed to join the Hump Day Crew as a guest host.

Click here to listen to the first hour where Carl admits what he learnt about girls at blue light discos and tries a little Gloria Gaynor on his trumpet.

Click here for the second hour as Carl goes Britney on us and faces a HDC challenge.

Click here to listen to Carl Riseley's Hump Day Crew Theme Song.

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Carl Riseley with Adz & Bish

Carl loves getting up early for breakfast radio!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting over the Summer Hump

With Summer just around the corner, it is very tempting to cut corners when it comes to weight loss to ensure we have that toned beach body to fit into our swimwear. Celebrities all over the world take on certain diets including the lemon detox diet, low carb diets and Chris Gregoriou from Joy Sponsor Metro Body Fitness talks of the dangers of fad diets and how to ensure that progressive weight loss is healthier for the body.

Our bodies require fuel through nutrients certain food types provide in order to keep functioning. Shocking our body and depriving it of certain food types can have the reverse effect.
Download Chris' advice here.

Look Out for Cassie Davis

G: Our next guest...
A: Hold on. Can you DO IT AGAIN?
G: What... we need to RESET?
A: No... just do it DIFFERENTLY
A: Yeah..with NO MORE of that CRIMINAL talk about BOYS DON’T CRY.
G: How do fix this introduction after this MESS OF MINE?
A: There’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO...I’m guessing you DON’T WANNA DANCE so let’s just introduce our next guest as she could quite be NECESSARILY an AMAZING HERO. Thank you for joining us Cassie Davis.

Cassie Davis is a Perth artist. She prides herself not only as a singer, but also as a song writer and a producer. Many love her music, her ambition, her individuality...we simply love her because she brought us Hundreds & Thousands biscuits.

Click here to hear the love.

Here's Cassie's single "Do It Again":

Check out Cassie at

Another Night Of Mischeif

With it's successful opening party in October, MissChievous is preparing the ladies of Melbourne for yet another Friday night of fun!

The cheekiest party to hit Melbourne starts at 9pm with prizes, pool, poker and drink specials throughout the night. Set in the heart of Brunswick at The Royal Derby Hotel, the first 25 girls will walk in free.

The MissChievous team stop by The Hump Day Crew to give us the low down on the second paryt of the year - you can catch all the info about the next MissChievous party by clicking here.

James Johnston - Australian Idol 2009

On Sunday he ran out of ways on HOW TO SAVE A LIFE as he fell from Idol contention like DROPS OF JUPITER.
His song choice got MORE THAN WORDS from the judges but WHO KNEW that Australia would take MERCY on him, keeping him in till the Top 3.
It was probably because he gave them a FEVER and they felt THE POWER OF LOVE as we watched him LEARN TO FLY.
But now all we can do is say THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES and assure him he won’t have to USE SOMEBODY because with his talent YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE
Please HOLD THE LINE and lock up your DAUGHTERS.... before they succumb to a CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE and find out THIS IS HOW A HEART BREAKS.
Hello James Johnston.

Throughout the series the judges constantly discussed James' youth and song selection telling him he needed to choose songs that fitted his age. However if you close your eyes and listen to him sing, the only thing that grabs your attention is the quality of his voice...not his age.

You be the judge:

Click here to listen to the interview.

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Nadia Ali - The Rapturous voice of iiO goes solo

Originally known for her vocals in the iiO's massive club hits Rapture and At The End she’s now hitting the clubs again with her solo single Fine Art. She is Nadia Ali.

Nadia is a graceful professional to talk with. She openly and gladly talked about how iiO came about and revealed the song "Rapture" is about an Australian guy she met out. She later penned the song in 30 minutes.

Nadia Ali's voice is always full of emotion and it carries through all of the songs on her new album.

Check out one of the tracks, "Love Story" from Nadia's album:

Click here to listen to the interview.

Nadia Ali's website is

Nathan Brake - Australian Idol 2009

On Sunday he has been the MUSIC OF THE NIGHT in the MAD WORLD of Australian Idol unveiling one THRILLER after another like a BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. His performances affected us all in different ways .....some would STOP AND STARE, others turned RED while others reacted JUST LIKE A PILL.
The truth is SINCE U BEEN GONE we’ve been LIVIN ON A PRAYER hoping we’ll get a SECOND CHANCE to see you CLOSER.
So let’s find out whether he’ll say DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME...
As he takes time to talk to the Hump Day Crew since WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS..Good Morning Nathan Brake.

Nathan Brake brought colour and his sense of showmanship to this year's Idol. One moment which stood out during the series is when judge Dicko confronted Nathan telling him that he was quite "camp" back stage and he needed to bring his true self on to the stage. After this Nathan shone brighter and bright each week.

Check out Nathan performing:

Click here to listen to the interview with Nathan Brake.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Hump Day Crew are released on Zoe Badwi

Song-writer, singer, model and actor is one of the hottest acts emerging from Melbourne. She got a break when DJ Grant Smilie saw her perform and asked her if she could write. She was given the backing to Release Me and this was their final product:

Zoe Badwi rocked into the JOY studios to hang with the Hump Day Crew. She talked about that performance, the clothes, the crowd and chaos of running from gig to gig on New Year's Eve.

Zoe continues to be in high demand. She performs several gigs every weekend and has a new single out, In The Moment. The Hump Day Crew decided to see how well Zoe would survive in the moment with a little HDC game. Click here to see how she went.

Keep up to date with Zoe's releases, gigs and news at

It's All About Anthony Defina

A: Our next guest is a popular feature on the JOY Playlists and listeners are starting to get a CRAVE for an album...
B: Are we talking to a PORNSTAR?
G: No Bish, but he is hot. He probably DID YOUR GIRLFRIEND
B: O well...At least JESUS LOVES ME
G: So Jesus is telling you YOUR THE ONE.
B: Kinda...he says IF YOU WANT MY LOVE I have to get down and...
G: I think he says that to enough people to fill TIMES SQUARE Bish!
Let’s GO A LITTLE DEEPER and get to know the one and only Anthony Defina!!!

Melburnian Anthony Defina is a JOY favourite and after the success of a few singles he has now released the album Sex vs. Religion. Anthony came into the JOY studios to hang with the Hump Day Crew and they put him to the test to find out...Does Anthony Defina think about more than just sex?

Click here to see how Anthony went.

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Tracy Bartram is back.

Joining me in the studio is an individual looking back at me with THE EYES OF A SIXTIES CHILD. She has a reputation for being SIX FOOT SILLY & SEXY...and was once SIX FOOT SILLY & SIX MONTHS PREGNANT.

likes a bit of RAW HIDE,
performs AFTER DARK

and I think she has worked out I am ILLEGALLY BLONDE as she’s DISCOVERING MY ROOTS
Here to MIX it up and talk about ABCs and all that JAZZ is the one and only FOX herself, Tracy Bartram.

After some time off Tracy Bartram is stepping back into the spot light. She has put together some of Melbourne's most talented jazz players and will be performing with them each Wednesday at Priscilla's on Commercial Road. Tracy's vibrant and infectious personality is sure to capture the audiences' hearts.

Tracy popped in to talk about where she's been, where she is at and where she is heading. Click here to listen to the interview.

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Carl Riseley and all that jazz

A: You’re listening to the SMOOTH OPERATORS known as the Hump Day Crew. NEVER GIVE UP as WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN our LIDO SHUFFLE but it’s time to COME AWAY WITH ME for some REMINISCING and PURE IMAGINATION.

G: Whether you are in the ARMS OF A WOMAN, WALTZING MATILDA


G: With all this talk about going HOME with THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA named MAGNOLIA…

A: Her name is MAGNOLIA? THAT’S ALL?

G: Yes! MY FUNNY VALENTINE ‘S name is MAGNOLIA. IT’S NOT UNUSUAL. You are just being a JEALOUS GUY because you CAN’T BUY ME LOVE! ……Anyway in THE STILLEST HOUR we listened to our next guest’s music and I think of WHEN WE FALL IN LOVE because she begs to me “DON’T LET ME BE LONELY TONIGHT”……


He's a cool cat who stayed true to his genre throughout the 2007 season of Australian Idol. His determination paid off as he made it to the top 3 and is now in the process of writing his 3rd album.

Click here to listen to Carl Riseley chat with the Hump Day Crew.

Here is Carl in action:

For the latest on Carl Riseley, please visit his site at

HDC Global Community - Tobias Holfelt discusses changes allowing Swedish Gays to marry inside churches.

The Swedish Church has voted yes to gender-neutral marriage-ceremonies. The national church-council voted with the numbers 178 yes and 68 against. Before this historic vote it was possible to get partnerships blessed but a formal wedding as not accepted. About 80% of the Swedish population is a member of the Swedish church (even if the vast majority only attend
services twice in a life-time), and all their churches are now open for proper gay-marriages. Individual priests can still choose not to wed same-sex couples but every congregation has the obligation to provide someone who will.

As a background Swedish parliament voted yes to gender-neutral marriages which became law 1st May, 2009, replacing their old partnership-laws. Since marriage is considered a judicial term, and not a religious, it also comes under the non-discriminatory act. The result is that any congregation that would not allow anyone who wanted to get married, would loose their legal marriage licence.

Click here as the Hump Day Crew cross to Sweden to discuss the changes with Scandinavian IGLTA representative, Tobias Holfelt.

Kim Cooper - Australian Idol 2009

You’re listening to the Hump Day Crew and whether you are WAKING UP IN VEGAS, Paris or Melbourne, it’s time to add to our Idol FAMILY PORTRAIT with an individual who can do more than JUST DANCE.

With a sincere and endearing energy I must admit I nearly left THE MAN I LOVE and flew to Sydney to tell her I WANT YOU TO WANT ME. However soon I would imagine that I would be disappointed…complaining that YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON for the BEST OF I’ll settle for 5 minutes of her magic right now. Good Morning to the gorgeous Kim Cooper.

Kim Cooper stood out as a true professional in this season's Idol. She was articulate when interviewed on the show, gave us touching moments of emotion and was honest about her past and family life. This was very refreshing as every other contestant seemed to have had a family life that was all sunshine and lollipops, a life style unfamiliar to some of us.

Click here to listen to the divine Miss Kim Cooper.

Here is Kim Cooper in action on Australian Idol:

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HDC Global Community - Bertho Makso talks Gay Lebanon

Homosexuality remains a crime in Lebanon, but the country is unusual and unique among Arab-majority nations in that it has a small internal gay rights movement. This is leading to a gay life in places like Beirut which are quietly flourishing.

Lebanon may not be somewhere that first springs to mind when you are planning your next holiday but after a chat with Bertho Makso you may think differently. It's sound like a safe and inviting place that is finding new life without loosing it's traditions and culture. Travelling can open up your eyes, and your mind, to new people, new ways of living and you ways of thinking. If this is what travel means to you then maybe you should consider a trip to Lebanon.

Click here to listen to the interview with Bertho Makso.

Check out for your guide to Lebanon, Syria & the Middle East.