Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kim Cooper - Australian Idol 2009

You’re listening to the Hump Day Crew and whether you are WAKING UP IN VEGAS, Paris or Melbourne, it’s time to add to our Idol FAMILY PORTRAIT with an individual who can do more than JUST DANCE.

With a sincere and endearing energy I must admit I nearly left THE MAN I LOVE and flew to Sydney to tell her I WANT YOU TO WANT ME. However soon I would imagine that I would be disappointed…complaining that YOU KEEP ME HANGING ON for the BEST OF I’ll settle for 5 minutes of her magic right now. Good Morning to the gorgeous Kim Cooper.

Kim Cooper stood out as a true professional in this season's Idol. She was articulate when interviewed on the show, gave us touching moments of emotion and was honest about her past and family life. This was very refreshing as every other contestant seemed to have had a family life that was all sunshine and lollipops, a life style unfamiliar to some of us.

Click here to listen to the divine Miss Kim Cooper.

Here is Kim Cooper in action on Australian Idol:

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