Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tracy Bartram is back.

Joining me in the studio is an individual looking back at me with THE EYES OF A SIXTIES CHILD. She has a reputation for being SIX FOOT SILLY & SEXY...and was once SIX FOOT SILLY & SIX MONTHS PREGNANT.

likes a bit of RAW HIDE,
performs AFTER DARK

and I think she has worked out I am ILLEGALLY BLONDE as she’s DISCOVERING MY ROOTS
Here to MIX it up and talk about ABCs and all that JAZZ is the one and only FOX herself, Tracy Bartram.

After some time off Tracy Bartram is stepping back into the spot light. She has put together some of Melbourne's most talented jazz players and will be performing with them each Wednesday at Priscilla's on Commercial Road. Tracy's vibrant and infectious personality is sure to capture the audiences' hearts.

Tracy popped in to talk about where she's been, where she is at and where she is heading. Click here to listen to the interview.

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