Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special Host - Carl Riseley on The Hump Day Crew

Australia's answer to Harry Connick Jnr. is Carl Riseley...crooning and romancing the Australian audience with is jazzy tunes and smooth voice.

When you think of a jazz lifestyle you imagine late nights, dark and smokey rooms where people can chill and seduce...not the bright awakenings of the early morning sun as it crashes through the windows of a radio station perched amongst the skyscrapers of Melbourne, people rushing from the beds to showers to cars and trains, coffee and breakfast in hand. However this week Carl dragged himself out of bed to join the Hump Day Crew as a guest host.

Click here to listen to the first hour where Carl admits what he learnt about girls at blue light discos and tries a little Gloria Gaynor on his trumpet.

Click here for the second hour as Carl goes Britney on us and faces a HDC challenge.

Click here to listen to Carl Riseley's Hump Day Crew Theme Song.

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Carl Riseley with Adz & Bish

Carl loves getting up early for breakfast radio!

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