Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nathan Brake - Australian Idol 2009

On Sunday he has been the MUSIC OF THE NIGHT in the MAD WORLD of Australian Idol unveiling one THRILLER after another like a BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. His performances affected us all in different ways .....some would STOP AND STARE, others turned RED while others reacted JUST LIKE A PILL.
The truth is SINCE U BEEN GONE we’ve been LIVIN ON A PRAYER hoping we’ll get a SECOND CHANCE to see you CLOSER.
So let’s find out whether he’ll say DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME...
As he takes time to talk to the Hump Day Crew since WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS..Good Morning Nathan Brake.

Nathan Brake brought colour and his sense of showmanship to this year's Idol. One moment which stood out during the series is when judge Dicko confronted Nathan telling him that he was quite "camp" back stage and he needed to bring his true self on to the stage. After this Nathan shone brighter and bright each week.

Check out Nathan performing:

Click here to listen to the interview with Nathan Brake.

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