Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Hump Day Crew are released on Zoe Badwi

Song-writer, singer, model and actor is one of the hottest acts emerging from Melbourne. She got a break when DJ Grant Smilie saw her perform and asked her if she could write. She was given the backing to Release Me and this was their final product:

Zoe Badwi rocked into the JOY studios to hang with the Hump Day Crew. She talked about that performance, the clothes, the crowd and chaos of running from gig to gig on New Year's Eve.

Zoe continues to be in high demand. She performs several gigs every weekend and has a new single out, In The Moment. The Hump Day Crew decided to see how well Zoe would survive in the moment with a little HDC game. Click here to see how she went.

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