Sunday, August 30, 2009

Idol's New Judge Jay Dee Springbett

Born in the north of England, the son of a Vicar and the only non-musician in a very musical family, Jay Dee had a lot to prove when he made his way down to London. Touring Europe as a Drum & Bass MC in his late teens, he remained within the smoky clubs and pubs of the UK capital by managing bands throughout his early twenties.

Partnering up with management guru Jonathan Shalit (Charlotte Church, Jamelia), the world of British pop opened its doors to Jay Dee. Before long, he was at the helm of huge UK acts such as Big Brovaz, Artful Dodger, and Jamelia, enjoying chart and critical success across the board. Needless to say this time enabled Jay Dee to create a black book filled with international songwriter and producer contacts and connections.

In 2004, Jay Dee moved to Australia after a fateful meeting with Sony Music CEO Denis Handlin. Now Head of A&R Sony Music, he has signed and worked with some of the biggest names in Australian music including Rogue Traders, Jessica Mauboy, Karnivool, and Cassie Davis to name a few.

His next adventure is as Australian Idol's newest judge after a certain somebody got more truth than they bargained for with a lie detector.

So who is this mystery man we know little about?

Click here to listen to the Hump Day Crew have a bit of a poke and a prod of Jay Dee.

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