Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Richard Durand - "I'm not Beckham."

In 2007, the mighty DJ Tiesto tipped this Dutchman to be one of the top DJ's. In response, Richard Durand climbed to no. #66 in the Top 100 DJ poll in DJ magazine.

Here is a man who in his first big international tour, had his own billboard in each city of India. Then when arriving in Mongolia, had 18 security guards escorting him around the city. "I'm not Beckham," he replies, although the fame that follows him, his beats and his resemblance to Beckham may beg to differ. Durand's modesty seems to echo through all of his work.

Click here to listen to him chat about this with Ginni.

To add to the list of his many talents, Durand is quite technically accomplished and definately has no fear of hard work. At times he plays on 4 decks at his gigs as opposed to the usual 2. As he plays his own songs, he feels working harder allows him to "feel what the people feel," and is "more special."

Starting out with the more classical instruments of piano, Durand began to develop an interest in popular music. It was in his earl 20's that he began remixing dance. There is no double that Durand has a geniune passion for music which is evident in all of his sets.

Click here to hear the rest of the interview.

Richard Durand will be performing in Melbourne at Trance Energy, Good Friday, April 10.

For more information on Richard, click here.

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