Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Loredo's SYTYCD Journey Ends

"Making in to the Top 20 of SYTYCDA makes me feel like my dancing is appreciated, a feeling that I have strived for my whole life".

Originally from Jamaica, Loredo Malcolm is a proud and graceful dancer. As the youngest in a family of 10 children growing up in poverty-stricken Jamaica, Loredo has had to fight to be able to follow his dream of dancing. Determined and focused, Loredo has done just that.

Leaving Jamaica and his family behind, Loredo moved to Australia and began performing in The Lion King, a stint that lasted four years. He has also performed alongside music greats Sean Paul and Shaggy. However his proudest achievement to date was being granted permanent residency in Australia, confirmation that Loredo can continue to develop his dancing in a country that has welcomed him and his talent with open arms.

Click here to listen to Adz and The Bish talk with Loredo after his journey on SYTYCD ends.

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