Friday, April 17, 2009

The L Word Convention

The groundbreaking lesbian series, The L Word, is coming to Australian shores in 2010! Thanks to United L Events, The L Word Down Under Convention will be held over 3 days in Sydney.

Hosted by Poppy Champlin (think Ellen De Generes meets David Leary), it has been officially confirmed that Rachel Shelley (Helena) and Laurel Holloman (Tina) will be attending the event, with United L events in negotiation with other actors.

Spanning over six seasons, the show is the lesbian spin of to it's Shotime brother show, Queer As Folk. After the series ending in late February this year, the series has left a strong mark not only within lesbian communities all over the world but also in global pop culture.

Executive Officer of United L Events, Julie Anderson, chats to The Hump Day Crew about the convention and gives a sneak peak on what can be expected over the days.

Download the podcast here.

For registration details, click here.

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