Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scott Lowell - Ted from Queer As Folk

Move over K-Fed, Li-Lo and J-Lo, because we have some serious competition....make way for ScoLo! He goes by the name Scott Lowell, but we remember him most for playing the loveable character of Ted "Theodore" Schmidt on Queer As Folk.

Being a straight actor playing a gay role on the show has made him realise a few things. "I do apologise to any woman I've kissed and given razor burn to over the years. That's the hardest part of it. Needing a good moisturiser afterwards."

Originally from Chicago, Scott currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys playing ping pong, the french horn and spending time with his dog.

Over the course of the 5 season series, Scott as an actor faced challenging storylines whilst playing Ted. One of them being the Crystal Meth storyline - which saw Scott go on a hellish diet and undergo changes to be true to the character. As a result, Lowell was a two time nominee at the Prism Awards; awards that honour the entertainment industry for the accurate depiction of social issues.

After Queer As Folk wrapped up, Scott continued his work in television and has made various appearances in Criminal Minds, To Live and Die i Dixie and American Dad.

Scott also reunited with QAF co-star Peter Paige in the movie Ping Pong Playa

Lowell has generously used his profile to draw awareness to civil rights and to push change to Californian adoption laws, being an adoptee himself. He chats to The Hump Day Crew about all his philanthropic work, playing Ted Schmidt, the impact Queer As Folk has had on his life and the life long friendships he has formed with the cast memebers.


Anonymous said...

Great interview! As was the one last week with Peter Paige. Thanks!

Any more to come in this series?


Anonymous said...

No Gale or Randy?

Colleen said...

Bravo! I love Scott! Glad to hear he's writing. Wish you had Robert, Gale, Randy and Sharon. Maybe next year?

Ginni said...

Sharon Gless & Hal Sparks on May 27th. Blogs will be up later on that day -

Anonymous said...

I love Scott Lowell! He's got everything that I could ever want in a man: brains, humor, kindness, good looks, warmth