Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cooking with Lemons - Michelle Darlington from Masterchef

She describes herself as a lesbian who eats tofu and meat and thinks food is about the connection between love and life. Recently she was eliminated from the Chanel 10 Show Masterchef.

Michelle from South Coast, NSW describes her cooking style as organic and loves Jamie Oliver as he "gives back to other people and to the community. He's the salt of the earth and he cares about food and is trying to help changes as well and I identify with that energy."

Passionate about the sort of food she eats, Michelle says...

"I grow my own veggies and have fruit trees as well. I don't eat a huge amount of meat but I love to eat organic if I do. I want the animals to be well loved. I want to have some sort of karma about what I'm eating."

"For me, I love the connection with the cycle of life and it’s the whole cycle from the plant and the animal to what's put on a plate that is so important."

For someone who only discovered her love of food recently Michelle has embraced her passion and inspired the Hump Day Crew to cook up a storm of conversation with a side of banter.

Click here to listen to their chat.

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