Thursday, February 26, 2009

All Hail The Kings Of Random

What's the one thing you perhaps wouldn't want to hear while you are scoffing down your breakfast? The strangest things people have eaten! So naturally, The Hump Day Crew asked you to tell us about all the weird and quirky things you've we could make up a song including ALL of the tune of a Pink song. We'd like to call it, "Get The Stomach Started."

Some of the strangest foods messaged in were:
  • fried country scorpion bits
  • AA battery
  • crocodile
  • sardine and quince
  • jelly fish
  • sugar sandwiches
To help us with our composition of this masterpiece -we called upon the Kings of Randomness - Mike Bryant and Sean Fabri from Impro Melbourne.

Click here to hear the exclusive - Get The Stomach Started.

WARNING: Consumption of any food prior to listening this is NOT advised.

Impro Melbourne are one of Australia's leading improvisation schools. With Late Night Impro and Celebrity Theatresports, Impro Melbourne will be performing at the comedy festival.


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