Monday, March 2, 2009

Ginni with Keiynan & Sarah from Panjo 5

Panjo 5 - Australia's hottest new young pop group have just launched their second single Stay Closer.

The group consists of Keiynan Lonsdale, Sarah Scott, Talia DiGiulio, Nancy Denis and Ellen Menaker.

Having formed during the Nine Network hit show "Airtime," - Panjo 5's pilot for the second season which follows the band on the road is currently in production.

Sarah Scott and Keiynan Lonsdale chat to Ginni about how life has changed since forming Panjo 5, from balacing school life with the band's hectic schedule to forming a close bond.

Click here to listen.

When asked about the thrills of performing, Sarah and Keiynan talk through the warm up process, the group's quirks - click here for more.

Being 17, Keiynan cannot legall vote, purchase alcohol or go into a nightclub in Australia. So, Ginni set him a task: to prank call a venue owner Samantha to organise an underage party for Panjo 5's single launch. In this prank call, Keiynan had to push Samantha's ethical boundaries and ensure that she was made to say Panjo quite a few times.

Click here to see how he went.

Their new single - Stay Closer, out now. Check out their video below!

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