Sunday, March 22, 2009

Inaya Day

The New York diva has just celebrated her 12th year in house music, and what a footprint she has made on dance floors worldwide".

Yes. You've heard her voice on the "HORNY" track and "KEEP PUSHIN" to name a couple, but we must go on to mention, MOVIN UP,YOU SPIN ME, CAN'T STOP DANCIN', I AM THA 1, STAND BY ME, NASTY GIRL, GLAMOROUS LIFE, REACH OUT TO ME, AND BREAKAWAY.
She's had numerous Aria and Billboard top tens and is still going strong!

Staying true to form, INAYA's just hit the top of the charts once more with her current singles, MY ALL and NATURAL HIGH (currently #2 on the Aria club Chart).

Who knew that this card-carrying member of the Actor's Equity Association, groomed in church and musical theater, would become one of the most frequently heard voices on the Universe’s dance floors.

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