Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dan Knight is simply HOT!

Singer, Dancer, Model, Disco King, Shy Guy, Show well as a Part Time Exhibitionist is the hottest gay pop star in Sydney …Dan Knight.

Whatever you think of Dan Knight there is no doubt that he has an undeniable presence. Born 20 years ago to humble beginnings in eastern England, Dan Knight sang and danced his way through early childhood with many changes of address and even more changes of hairstyle. In 2001 Dan moved to Australia where he began to follow his dream of pop stardom. Always at the top of his class in school and a member of every after school activity possible, Dan decided to take a huge risk and determined that if he was to achieve his goal school was no longer the right path. One fateful day Dan replied to an add in a music magazine searching for singers to record new songs. So began a prolific period of song-writing. As a result of these demo tracks Dan snagged himself an important production deal. The persistence, passion, pure determination and raw energy Dan literally oozes were beginning to pay off. Shortly after Dan hitched a management deal with McNielJull Management which was followed by a record deal with Naughty Records. In the winter of 2007 Dan moved to the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia to record his debut album, ENERGY which he co-wrote and co-produced. Whilst recording Dan staged a teaser tour to let the public know he had arrived. Luckily for him they liked what they saw..

In the beginning of 2008 Dan filmed Dancefloor, the short film for his first single, took to the stage to promote his new album and performed his first full length show in a residency at Sydney’s renowned Will And Toby’s. Currently Dan is preparing to take his album to the rest of the world so everyone can feel his ENERGY. Dan Knight is innovative, different and you never quite know what he will do next. One thing we can be certain of - now that he has arrived he has no intention of leaving any time soon.

You can catch Dan in Canberra, Saturday, March 21, 2009, Hush Lounge, Cnr Launceston & Irving Streets, Phillip ACT 2606
Tickets available from the Hush Lounge web site.

Click here to listen to Dan's chat with the Hump Day Crew.

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