Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stephen Devine with your stars for the coming week

Hi Humpers,

We received some feedback from listeners that they missed their star sign on Wednesday so here they are:

You'll feel somewhat sluggish after Monday thanks to Mars' new position. Don't get frustrated, get creative and indulge in those past times which nurture your soul. It is important you contemplate what it is you really wish to achieve.

With Venus in retrograde much of what you previously took for granted now seems harder to achieve and organise. You may have to rethink your whole approach. Try not to be too pushy with friends. Stepping back may be a wise move.

After the 16th you'll be more anxious than ever for your dreams to come true thanks to Mars' new position. The secret to your success will be to run your approach past others before you make your move. Try not to be blinded by material concerns

The stars are encouraging you to leave the past behind. Refuse to allow sentiment or nostalgia to limit your options. This is a great time to travel or to consider different job prospects. Don't be scared to let new people into your life.

You'll be eager to resolve past differences after Monday. Don't rush this process without considering how these awkward situations arose in the first place. Try to control any impulse to overspend or to be too self indulgent.

From Monday onwards is when you should put relationship ideas into practice. Refuse to sit around waiting for that phone to ring. Trust your instincts and don't be scared to make the first move. You have far more to offer than you realise.

The retrograde movement of Venus should be encouraging you to analyse your important friendships and relationships. Are they offering you the satisfaction that you deserve? Try to work on improving your work/life balance over the upcoming weeks.

Mars' new position from Monday should give you added confidence and the energy to chase your dreams.Just be careful you don't tread on any important toes along the way. You should possess the rare ability to turn words into action.

Next week the stars are offering you the chance to react to any recent emotional issues. They are encouraging you to speak up and set the record straight. The time has come to protect your own interests as well as those who you love.

Mars' new position could turn you into a feckless social butterfly. Try to remember that it is the quality of the time that you spend with people that is important. You will be thinking long and hard about future security and long term friendships.

Venus' retrograde motion is causing you to step back and contemplate how you relate to others. This is a great opportunity for reflection and a chance to improve your communication skills. Mars' new position could make you anxious about financial issues.

Mars moves into your sign on Monday granting you extra drive and energy. You'll finally be able to bring some of your plans to life. Just make sure you do your research before you rush into any agreements. Many relationships will feel like hard work.

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