Friday, February 13, 2009

Adz & David Campbell

"I'm an entertainer," says David Campbell firmly. There are many singers in many styles on the Australian charts. But there's only one David Campbell. He has featured on television programs, starred in musical theatre, devised in his own cabaret shows in New York, recorded two Top 10 albums and sold out a concert tour from coast to coast.

Although a master of many trades, music is Campbell's main passion. It's music, which has seen him through tough times and given him the great highs.

Born in Adelaide in 1973 he was raised by his grandmother while his father, Jimmy Barnes went on to be a rock & roll star. David was drawn to the performing arts, initially as an actor. He showed a talent for music theatre and appeared in several large musicals. In the late 1990s he moved to New York where his downtown cabaret show was acclaimed by the New York Times and he moved to major venue - Rainbow and Stars. Returning to Australia, Campbell took on the role of Johnny O'Keefe in the musical Shout! Which toured nationally. In the meantime he has hosted his own shift on the radio station Nova and featured on shows such as Dancing With the Stars and It Takes Two.

David Campbell caught up with Adz for a chat. Click here to listen to the interview.

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