Friday, July 31, 2009

Robbie & Dan from Australia's Perfect Couple

Channel Nine's new reality television series, "Australia's Perfect Couple," premiered last week
 on Wednesday at 7:30pm. The six week series features 8 couples which include high school sweethearts and complete opposites. Amongst them, are same sex foster parents Robbie & Dan. who we at The Hump Day Crew will be rooting for to claim the $250,000 prize money. The couple have been together for nine year and met at one of Melbourne'e elite clubs, The Market on Commercial Rd. They now have a beautiful daughter, Samantha who hopes to go to Disneyland if the couple take out the series.

Robbie and Dan join The Hump Day Crew and talk about the history of their relationship, Robbie's romantic proposal overseas and The Hump Day Crew put the boys to a test as to how well they know each other.

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