Friday, January 2, 2009

Wayne G gets Twisted

He is an international DJ who last time we chatted revealed he has a TWISTED way to handle fetish shows.

He is the DISCO DEALER, who with a little FAITH will in ONE FINE DAY, will create for you the PERFECT MOMENT, where YOU’RE A SUPERSTAR, POPULAR and FILTHY/GORGEOUS in HANDBAG HEAVEN.
Other guys may RUB ME WRONG or are after JUST SEX, but this man is LARGER THAN LIFE and WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU. Whether it be at MARDI GRAS AT THE MIDNIGHT SHIFT, SANTA MARIA or just a bit of a GAYFEST.

You better DIVE IN THE POOL to cool off as he is willing to get UNCOVERED.
Now back for more of a BREAKDANCE and more DEBAUCHERY.

Click here to listen to our favourite gay DJ.

Click here to listen to his first interview with Adam Barralet on 3rd June 2008.

Watch Wayne G's film clip of Twisted below (it's very gay!!!).

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