Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Luscious Lady Lick - Natalie Zibung

Lick Melbourne is becoming quite the Luscious Ladies night that is luring girls from all across Australia - so much so, that Lick Melbourne is moving up to a Sydney and Brisbane event.

With it's eclectic music style - this club night combines both the genres us lesbians seem to love - RnB/Hip Hop with Electro House. On top of it's stellar DJ line up, the night includes competitions, giveaway, catwalks and the sizzling Lick Dance crew - chereographed by season 1 finalist of SYTYCD - Demi Sorono.

Leading lady and planner , Natalie Zibung, stops by The Hump Day Crew and reveals, exclusively the date of the next party plus some exciting upcoming projects outside the club scene that are coming up - download podcast here.

Co Hosting with Ginni for that entire show, we were revealed some interesting facts about Natalie - like who would she turn straight for and the shameful ringtone she has on her phone - download their chat here.

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