Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sensational Varla Jean Merman

I have HAD MY FILL OF THE BIG TOP so would somebody RING MY BELL before I start to ACT INSANE and DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF CHEESE and what it would be like IF I ONLY HAD A SNATCH.
I want to warn you, this interview could be THE PERFORMANCE OF MY LIFE. I promise you it will be far more impressive than last week when you caught me FACE DOWN, ARSE UP in CHICAGO showing that GIRL WITH THE PEARL NECKLACE how my SINGING WEINER could do an ODE TO ENYA. That certainly led to LOVE ON THE ROCKS when I got home that night. I was as bad as the GYPSYS, TRAMPS AND THIEVES
Forgive me...I am digressing like a fresh model in stilettos on PROJECT RUNWAY...Allow me to introduce our next guest...
Hotter than a DISCO INFERNO but cuter than a WHITE RABBIT...let’s not TALK TOTHE GENITALS but use your HANDS and REACH OUT AND TOUCH...not UGLY BETTY but Varla Jean Merman.

Where will you find Varla Jean Merman? On stage, on television, on iTunes, on YouTube and in Kylie's closet helping herself to a Kylie outfit or two. Adz chats with Varla about her fun and serious sides as she "gets around" North America.
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Here's Varla in action:

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