Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Peter Smith: The Journey and Fascination of our Souls

One of the most fascinating and profound content lies in some of the things we cannot answer or bring ourselves to grasp in our conscious state of mind. With humanity moving more and more away from Institutionalised religion, there is a deep yearning for answers that explore the core and immortal essence of our soul and existence.

Life between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL), is a new form of therapy which explores what happens "in between," lifetimes. There are many names given to this state before a soul is reincarnated or brought down to Earth again, but Dr Michael Newton was the first to ever explore this type of spiritual regression. Having studied over 7000 cases, Newton constructed the not for profit organisation called The Newton Institute and became the first to map what happens to souls in between life times.

The Institute has therapists in over 20 countries worldwide as the study that Newton has began has been so captivating and embraced that the speed of it's spreading was not surprising. There are four members on the board of The Newton Institute which carry on Newton's work after his retirement. With the majority being based in North American, Melbourne is lucky to have Peter Smith based right here.

From a background as a corporate executive in Sydney, Smith discovered hypnotherapy through his local doctor and came across Newton's book, "Journey Of Souls," in a random encounter at Borders.

Smith stops by The Hump Day Crew to chat to Ginni and Bish in what is a truly fascinating and informative discussion on past life regressions, soulmates, LBL hypnotherapy, and how the soul journeys through its lifetimes mating with other souls and choosing to leave when it does.

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Miriam said...

Sounds like something Peter S. from Melbourne would have a very deep insight in too. He is blessed by white feathers from heaven.