Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We hate to FLAUNT IT but we chatted with TV Rock's Grant Smilie

A: Alright Hump Day Crew I think we should CRANK the volume up for this next interview to the point where the SPEAKERS GONNA BLOW.
B: What happens if you blow THE POWER again?
A: Honestly guys I don’t want to FLAUNT IT but compared to THE OTHERS we have had on the show, these WILD BOYS are beyond REACH....they are UNSTOPPABLE.
B: It’s BEEN A LONG TIME but I think Adz has been eating THE FRUIT from the BIMBO NATION again
A: TELL ME WHY then on this NEW DAY although it AIN’T EASY...HIP HOUSE IS BACK and LIFTIN ME UP?
B: RELEASE ME from this nonsense. Who have you got on the show?
A: Joining us right now from TV Rock...Good Morning Grant Smilie.

TV Rock slammed onto the Australia airwaves 4 years ago with their smash hit "Flaunt It" featuring Seany B. which reached #1 for 5 weeks and spent 39 weeks in the Australian ARIA Top 50 (31 of those weeks inside the Top 40). TV Rock won the highest selling single and best dance release for "Flaunt It" in the ARIA Music Awards of 2006. TV Rock collaborated with Melbourne dance team Dukes of Windsor for their 3rd single release "The Others" which reached No.10 in Australia in June 2007 and spent 20 weeks inside the Australian Top 50.

TV Rock is made up of the in demand Grant Smilie and Ivan Gough.

As they prepare the head to Europe for the summer, TV Rock will be appearing on the main stage at Creamfields on 8th May at Melbourne Racecourse.

Click here to listen to the interview with the HDC.

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