Friday, September 18, 2009

Marlee Matlin - She'll Scream Now

Whether you know her as Jodi from The L Word, the youngest actress to ever win an Oscar for a leading role, or the author of her own autobiography - there is one thing blatantly clear about Marlee Matlin - not only is she one of the bravest actresses to set foot in Hollywood, but she is an inspiring individual, talent and mother.
Being one of Hollywood's most popular hearing impaired actress, it has seen Matlin go through many a battle to fight for the rights of the deaf community. After becoming the youngest actress to win an Oscar for a leading role at the tender age of 21, Matlin claims the journey since then, though challenging, has been a worthwhile one which has given her sound wisdom.

Recently, she appeared in the US series of Dancing With The Stars, and proved to audiences that there was much more to her than being a hearing impaired actress - who answered the age old question - so you think you can dance with a HELL YES!

Now, Matlin is a mother to four children and has just launched her autobiography, "I'll Scream Later," - which delves into some heartfelt stories of Matlin's battle in rehab, public relationships and childhood.

The great news for us Aussies is - she will be hitting our shores next year for The L Word Convention Down Under in Sydney.

It was not only an honour, but an absolute pleasure having Marlee and interpreter Jack Jason on The Hump Day Crew - we hope you find this as enjoyable and inspiring as we did.

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Anonymous said...

I love Marlee Matlin; I think she is so talented. In life parenthood alone should give one a badge of honor, the fact that she has so much more under her belt and remains her beautiful talented self is a great blessing. Props to her...