Saturday, September 26, 2009

HDC Global Community - Michael Luongo talks about homosexuality in the Muslim World

Islam, as one of the Abrahamic religions, rejects homosexuality from the religion's beginning. According to mainstream Islamic beliefs, God sent the prophet Lot to the people of Sodom to preach against their wicked practices and urge them to worship God. Among these practices (as mentioned in the Quran) engaged in by the people of Sodom were homosexual acts performed out in the open. Hence being gay in the Muslim world does not grant the freedom we enjoy elsewhere in the world.

Michael Luongo is a gay travel writer who has always had a fascination with the Middle East especially since his experiences helping dig people out of the Twin Tower ruins after 9/11. He took the time to chat to the Hump Day Crew. Michael discusses how attitudes of the English & French have affected the old laws of Middle Eastern countries, how one of the pilots who flew a plane into the Twin Towers (911) may have been gay and what we can learn from the Middle East.

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Here is an interview with Michael Luongo on Pink Planet TV:

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