Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Crusin'

There are plenty of reasons why Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett are two of The Hump Day Crew's favourite ladies. Along with their true passion for LGBT rights, hosting live online shows such as What's Your Problem and The Violet Underground - their latest unedited and uncensored show "The Gloves Are Off," is another live show that takes interactivity to another level.
And now they are giving away a double pass to the SWEET cruise this November where both Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett will be onboard the Ladies Boat along with comedian Erin Foley, where they will be filiming the second series of the popular, "We Have To Stop Now."
As only two people will be lucky enough to win tickets to the cruise, those who get close, are still lucky - they will receive a LuckyDog Leather hand made item.

Each episode of "The Gloves Are Off," contains a gay history fact or lesson which not only prove to be interesting trivia but will come in handy to bring you a step closer to scoring yourself a seat on the Sweet Cruise!
So how do you win? It's quite easy.
During your lunch hour on Friday, September 18 - log onto The Gloves Are Off at 12pm. Cathy and Jill will be hosting a call in quiz with questions based on previous episodes of The Gloves Are Off and about Sweet Adventure Vacations - so if you do your homework - you could well be on your way to some Sweet Cruisin' this November!
Call into the show via skype at CathyandJill or theglovesareoff.
For more information - click here to download Cathy DeBuono joining the crew.
Good luck and happy sailing!!

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