Thursday, September 17, 2009

The L Word Covention Down Under - Guest no.6 announced

The countdown is well under way to one of the hottest events to hit Australian Shores in 2009 - ladies and gentlemen, Lean in and be Lured to the Luscious Lady series that captured our hearts and Left us Laughing, Loving and Longing for more. In less that 130 days, The L Word Down Under convention is hitting Sydney from January 22 - 24, with United L Events CEO Carla exclusively announcing Guest No.6 to the Convention on The Hump Day Crew.

With great delight she annouced that Guest no.6 attending the convention in Sydney next year was a Hump Day Crew favourite - none other than the vivaciously talented Janina Gavankar. Gavankar, who played the sassy latino lady, Papi, in season 4, will be joining confirmed guests Laurel Holloman, Rose Rollins, Rachel Shelley, Leisha Hailey and Marlee Matlin in Australia next year.

The convention is hosted by comedian Poppy Chaplin (who will be joining The Hump Day Crew at the end of September) and features a plathorea of entertainment.

CEO of United L Events Carla, though remaining tight lipped about the prospect of more guests to come, could not help but slip in a few more clues. She confirmed that an all time L Word favourite will be attending the Convention next year and will confirm this later on in the year. To hear more clues - download the podcast of her time on The Hump Day Crew.

Check out The L Word Down Under website for more details.

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